Warning for Camp Pendleton bike riders, California Guard guards SaMo bikeways, and more shredding on mountain bikes

Let’s start today with a warning from Caltrans for Camp Pendleton bike riders.

This message is a reminder to all cyclists traveling through Camp Pendleton to stay on the bike path at all times. Camp Pendleton is an active training base and it operates 24/7 conducting training. Venturing off the bike path could expose civilians to unsafe conditions.

The Camp Pendleton Community Plan Liaison informed Caltrans that cyclists were observed on the landing zone just off of the bike path (see map attached). A military helicopter that had been approaching the landing zone had to abort its landing to avoid injuring the cyclists that had trespassed military grounds. To ensure the safety of civilian cyclists and military members of Camp Pendleton, please stay on the bike path. The bike path is the only area where cyclists are allowed on Camp Pendleton. Cyclist and Caltrans are allowed on Camp Pendleton through permits approved by the military, to ensure cyclist access continues, please follow the rules set by the Camp Pendleton staff.

For everyone’s safety, please pass this message along to fellow cyclists, and if you see anyone diverging into military property, please let them know to stay on the bike path.

Seriously, that could have been a disaster.

And failure to stick to the rules could result in everyone getting banned from the base, which would also be a disaster.

Thanks to Robert Leone for forwarding the message.

Today’s photo come from David Drexler, showing a newly reopened, extra wide Marvin Bruade bike path in Santa Monica.


Drexler also forwarded photos from last week’s unrest in Santa Monica, showing what he calls the world’s safest bikeways on Ocean and Colorado, with the streets guarded by California National Guard troops.

Although that’s not exactly what I’d call inviting.


Let’s take another quick shredding break this morning, with mountain biking videos from Argentina…


And New Zealand.


The war on cars may be a myth, but the war on bike just keeps on going.

You’ve got to be kidding. After a Russian driver slammed into a 12-year old bike rider, leaving him with serious, long-lasting injuries, the coldhearted driver sued the kid for scratching her car — and won.

Sometimes, it’s the people on two wheels behaving badly.

Police in Atlanta are looking for a bike-riding robber who fired shots inside a check cashing business.



Over 1,000 people turned out for a bike ride and march through the Crenshaw District last weekend, described as a demonstration of love by and for black men.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is one of us, riding his mountain bike through the ‘Bu.



No, drivers can’t legally blare on their horns to show their displeasure, whether with other drivers or people on bicycles. But good luck getting anyone to enforce it.

Calbike examines how Californians can support endangered community bike shops.

Faux Danish city Solvang is getting in on the Slow Streets movement, temporarily closing a main street through the city’s business district to motor vehicles.

Ranchers in tiny Red Bluff — population 14,000 — are holding a Ride Against All Racism this Sunday, and inviting people to walk or bike along if you don’t have a horse.

Critical Mass continues its monthly takeover of the streets of San Francisco.

Consider it the world’s most beautiful ciclovía. Yosemite’s Tioga Road opens to bike riders this weekend, before it’s opened to cars on Monday.



A new study shows short sprints during your ride can help keep your muscles healthy.

Bike lawyer Bob Mionske looks at whether bike shops are essential services during the lockdown. Which should be an obvious yes, but isn’t always.

Nearly 2,000 Portland people turned out for a ride to support Black Girls Do Bike’s call for racial justice.

Once again, bike riders are heroes, after a group of Seattle riders used their bicycles and bodies to protect protesters from a driver who intentionally tried to smash into the demonstrators.

A Chicago columnist says the city’s first shared street is great, but it isn’t the long-lasting change they need.

A bighearted Michigan dentist donated $15,000 worth of free dental work to the 18-year old black man who had his front teeth knocked out by a bigoted white man using a bike chain.

A DC bike rider takes it on himself to clear broken glass from a bike lane by hand.

Marchers in Charlotte NC turned to people on bicycles to carry supplies and keep order at the ongoing protests following the death of George Floyd.

The Florida legislature passed a bill allowing ebikes on any road, path or sidewalk where regular bicycles are allowed; now it’s up to the state’s Republican governor to sign into law, or not.



British singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor explains her recent bicycling injuries came when she swerved to avoid someone on a Thames River pathway and fell off her bike, without a helmet, smacking her head on the concrete down below. Which serves as a reminder that slow speed falls are exactly what bike helmets are designed for, not collisions with motor vehicles.

A former Welsh rugby star raised the equivalent of over $176,000 by riding his bike 1,000 miles last month, benefitting the cancer center that helped him beat testicular cancer.

Heartbreaking story from the UK, where a father went looking for his 14-year old son when he didn’t return from a bike ride, and found him being treated by paramedics as the boy lay dying in the street, the victim of a speeding driver.

A new study shows Great Britain could face a “traffic tsunami” as people turn to their cars to avoid public transit. Which is exactly what we’ve been warning about over here.

No surprise here, as over two-thirds of people in Brussels, Belgium, want more space for people walking and biking, as well as public transit, and less devoted to motor vehicles.

Only 20% of bicycling injuries on Belgian and Dutch roads involve a motor vehicle.

Slovenia invites you to discover the country by bicycle.

An Indian paper says bicycles have empowered women, revolutionized fashion, cleared the air, and led to…glowing skin? Seriously?

Tel Aviv is planning to double the amount of the city’s bikeways over the next year, hoping to avoid becoming another Los Angeles.


Competitive Cycling

Team USA announced the preliminary road, mountain biking and track cycling teams for the delayed Tokyo Olympics, assuming the pandemic is under control and they actually take place next year.

Apparently, this is Legion of Los Angeles week. Team founder Justin Williams makes the news once again, as the former US track, time trial and road cycling champ discussed Lance, and Lance’s former team manager Johan Bruyneel, on Williams new podcast. Meanwhile, the crowdfunding page for the LA-based diversity-themed cycling team has raised over $101,000 — doubling the original $50,000 goal.



Get your kids started early with a BMW balance bike. Now you, too, can own a handcrafted Dutch supercar and matching bicycle, along with your very own airline seats — minus the plane.

And that feeling when a pair of tire blowouts save your life.


Thanks to Dennis E for his generous donation to help support this site, and keep SoCal’s best bike news coming your way every day. 

Be safe, and stay healthy. And wear a mask, already. 


  1. Christian says:

    Regarding the memo about Camp Pendleton, there’s no link to memo, what map attached? And have they since added a bike trail, since when? The last time I rode thru on way to San Diego there’s no trail, no arrows, just sorta weave my way thru stick near the 5. This is before the whole fill out an application a year in advance.

  2. steve says:

    We need the pendleton map mentioned. signs would be nice to help riders

  3. ed hall says:

    Link to map would be appreciated. Is the landing zone the area that looks like an abandoned runway near the Pulgas Gate before the bike path becomes well defined? If so we have mistakenly ridden there as well.

  4. Scott Rose says:

    Pretty sure the area in question is about a half mile north of the tunnel that crosses under the 5 fwy and a half mile south of the end of san onofre state beach parking lot. there is a quarter mile paved road that leads west to a large paved landing pad. I do not remember it being signed as a “do not trespass” or similar, at all. came across three skateboarders and a cruiser cyclist in the area about a month ago. they were squarely in the landing pad when I was heading north towards SOSB and were just exiting the spur road when I returned approx 15-20 mins later after riding to the northern boundary/gate of SOSB and back to the landing pad spur road. I feel that the cyclists that have bothered to register with Camp Pendleton and received ID are not the ones to blame. There are plenty of people that park at the extensive parking area on the east side off of Las Pulgas/5 fwy and venture north towards SOSB without the signage/understanding that cyclists with ID are aware of. The entire are belongs to the Marines but they only enforce the part south of Las Pulgas unless there are “war games” (or some dire closure such as a fire, etc). Imho, the Marines should gate that spur road to the landing pad since anyone can access that area at nearly any time without potential ramifications. It would not be fair for those that follow the rules to lose access to the entire base because of people breaking the rules in the “loose” northern coastal section of the base.

    • Christian says:

      The area in question is off the beaten path. At the end of SOSB, there’s a fence w a gap. You slip thru gap and the road although still paved is very uneven/gravel, weeds overgrown onto the trail. And there’s two roads that fork west(before you go under 5), per google maps there’s 2 helipads.
      The whole ID/register w Pendleton isn’t really feasible or easy for the average cyclist who doesn’t live in North San Diego County. I live in OC, so to organize a century to SD I have to get everyone to commit to ride, then have them all drive down to Pendleton year in advance to register?
      The easiest solution is an easement to build a bike trail thru Pendleton w a fence on north/south ends, and west side of trail and use 5 freeway as eastern border. If money an issue, self pay toll booths at either end. And if any marine exercises, close trail off at north/south ends. Any bikinginla followers lawyers? If the CA coastal commission were to bring suit vs Pendleton? There is already a rest stop west of 5 on base land. Watch the first cyclist killed on 5 traversing Pendleton is cause to build trail.

  5. Scott Rose says:

    And yes, the bike path could be better signed. Perhaps some of the cycling clubs that frequent the area and get notifications when the base is entirely closed would like to take up donations/installation of proper cycling signage to avoid any and all off-course forays…

  6. bikinginla says:

    My apologies. There was a photo attached to the email, but I missed it as I was writing this. I’ve added it to the piece above.

  7. Matt Stewart says:

    Is anyone aware of any plans to improve bicycle access through Camp Pendleton? Currently, the only option available to everyone is to ride on the I-5 freeway shoulder between Las Pulgas Road and Oceanside. If you meet certain conditions like being a citizen of the USA and are able to access the Main Gate (Oceanside) during “Marine business hours,” you can get a pass to ride a specific route of local roads through the base. There is currently unrestricted car (I-5) and train (Amtrak) access through the base, but atrocious bike access. Of course there is no pedestrian access at all since pedestrians are prohibited on I-5. Are there any advocacy groups working to push the US Marine Corps & Caltrans to build a protected bicycle and pedestrian route along I-5 (similar to bike paths along many freeways in CA where there is limited access otherwise)? Camp Pendleton makes a bike trip across our state painfully difficult and unsafe for anyone who isn’t a North San Diego County resident.

    • steve says:

      Very good point. Lets build it with part of the Pentagon budget as this would improve Marine safety from rogue bike riders

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