Bike rider allegedly murdered by driver while trespassing on San Diego horse ranch; 16th bike death in SD County

Horrific news from San Diego, where a man on a bike died up to a week after he was intentionally run down with an SUV.

The victim was reportedly trespassing on a horse ranch near the Mexican border on Monday, September 27th, when the owner’s adult son used his car as a weapon to slam into him with enough force to shatter his bicycle.

Allegedly, of course.

According to OnScene TV, the victim was a former worker on the Tijuana Valley ranch, who had reportedly been barred from the property.

The son gave chase in a Kia SUV, crashing into him at a high rate of speed, before losing control and smashing into bollards on the side of the dirt road.

The victim, who has not been publicly identified, was rushed to Mercy Hospital with major injuries, where he died sometime on or before October 5th.

The driver also suffered serious injuries, and had to be extricated from his vehicle.

Video from the scene suggests the crash occurred on Rancho La Palma, at 2325 Hollister Street in San Diego.

This is at least the 54th bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the 16th that I’m aware of in San Diego County.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for the victim and his loved ones.

Warning, this video shows the driver being removed from the SUV and placed on a backboard. So be sure you want to see that before clicking on it. 



  1. Eric Hagstrom says:

    I can’t speak to past history, but in this case the biker was NOT trespassing when he was run down. This occurred on a public-access road that goes by the ranch, outside ranch fences. There are 10 mph speed limit signs. Clearly the car was going MUCH faster than that.

  2. Ben Castro says:

    Why did they rush the bicyclist to Mercy Hospital? This hospital is not the closest to the scene of the incident.
    Something is not right.

    • Christian says:

      There 6 trauma centers in SD area, 1 is for pediatrics. Three are level 2, other three are level 1. iirc level 1 has cardiovascular, neurosurgery and burn staff. Of the six, I looked up their locations to the accident site. Mercy is the closest to which would prolly qualify as to trauma, level 1.

  3. Richard Fox says:

    What a horrible story. Although I don’t think this and many other incidents should be used as statistics to gauge the dangers of bicycling.

  4. If the comment about this being a public road is true this is assault with a deadly at a minimum, Capital Murder (death penalty in TX) at maximum since he knew the victim.

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