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Catching up on bike news while I’ve been otherwise distracted

Oddly, the world of bicycling did not grind to a halt while I’ve been occupied with more pressing matters.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a cuppa joe — or something stronger — and settle in for a long list of rainy day bike links.


Clearly, I’m not the only one who took offense at the gentle caress on the wrist given the killer of cyclist Alan Deane by a Pasadena judge.

The LACBC says the court system failed Deane and his family, while Streetsblog’s Damien Newton says it failed all of us.

And Boyonabike! says maybe our laws should value human life over shaving a minute off someone’s drive home.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Here’s the ultimate guide to whether you can legally ride on the sidewalk in California, compiled by former LADOT Bike Blogger and current Alta Planner and Calbike board member Chris Kidd. Link courtesy of Cyclelicious.


Yes, cyclists can legally pass on the right, at least here in California — although some police officers don’t seem to comprhend that yet. I do it on a regular basis myself, though every now and then it doesn’t work out the way I planned.

Meanwhile, an Aussie rider offers advice on undertaking on the left, as it is sometimes called; just flip sides for tips on riding here.


Turns out you may not have to wait for flat-proof bike tires after all; you can try out the new tires from FlatFree Bicycle Wheelsets in Orange right now. Thanks to William Boehmke, Jr. for the heads-up.


Clear your calendar for the 12th Annual Cranksgiving Alleycat Los Angeles Thanksgiving eve. ARTCRANK brings its unique mixture of bikes, art and beer to Orange 20 Bikes on Saturday, December 8th. Here’s a great idea — the LAPD recommends establishing permanent bike valet programs in Downtown L.A. to fight rising bike theft rates; let’s start with one at City Hall. Streetsblog reports a settlement has been reached with the NIMBYist Cheviot Hills homeowners trying to block the Expo Line bike path. Taking over Los Angeles on two wheels and one fixed gear. The city adds two miles of bike path in the Valley along the L.A. River. Show the world how you ride pretty. The Biking Black Hole of Beverly Hills timidly unanimously approves its first two pilot bikeway projects. The Santa Monica Bike Center celebrates its first anniversary this weekend. You just can’t please some people, as a Glendale pedestrian is up in arms over being warned a bike bell. The Orange County Bicycle Coalition asks for your nomination for OC’s Danger Road.

San Juan Capistrano denies a cyclist’s $70 claim for flat tires caused by broken glass on a bike path. San Diego bucks the Bike Nation trend in selecting Miami’s DecoBike for its planned bike share program. Two cyclists and a pedestrian injured in separate Riverside collisions. One hundred Murrieta kids boys get free bike helmets through Schwinn’s Helmets on Heads program; Witch on a Bicycle astutely asks why just boys — and why helmets instead of safety training? A San Francisco cyclist is injured when a DUI driver being chased by police hits a parked car, which slams into the rider; the 23-year old driver had three previous DUI convictions in the last 10 years — yes, that suggests she was convicted of DUI at 13, which I certainly hope is a mistake.

Innovative new gear for bike cops; I want the helmet with built-in sun glasses. Or maybe you’re just tired of yelling at the rest of the pace line. Using handlebars instead of antlers in bike taxidermy; I wonder if careless drivers will now mount their trophies. It’s time to get rid of the 85th Percentile Rule, which may be the single most destructive traffic law on the books, to people and communities; though not everyone agrees. People for Bikes notes three companies that support cycling. A 21-year old Perris CA cyclist is killed while riding in Las Vegas. Hurricane Sandy may have been the perfect storm for bike advocacy. Bikeyface designs a roadway for virtually every cycling situation. Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer calls for bike-partisanship in Congress. A Fort Lauderdale man won’t face charges for beating the crap out of the guy who stole his bike.

A Jamaican cyclist asks for help to attend college in the U.S. A Canadian Iditarod cyclist comes back for more after nearly dying in last year’s race. The head of the UK’s equivalent of AAA calls for an end to the two-tribe mentality on our streets, comparing the hatred some motorists have for cyclists to racial discrimination; their survey shows drivers don’t hate us as much as we’d think. Terrified British police are on the lookout for a “dangerous” cyclist who rides one-handed — and with a child on his shoulders. After being the butt of jokes for months, it turns out a Kiwi rider who fell off his bike and drowned in a river wasn’t drunk after all.  Philippine cyclists get a new off-road bikeway.

Finally, don’t forget to get your tickets for the LACBC’ 2nd Tour de Taste on December 2nd. And in light of what happened to my wife this week, make sure you know the warning signs of heart attack and stroke; link courtesy of LAFD Conversation.

Pasadena driver gets gentle caress on wrist for killing popular local cyclist and musician Alan Deane

Once again, a killer driver gets off with a virtual pat on the back for decreasing the excess cyclist population.

What else can you call it when the driver pleads to reckless driving, bargained down from an original charge of vehicular manslaughter? And gets off with an obscenely lenient 10 days of community labor, 400 hours of community service and a whopping $4000 in restitution and other fines.

That’s what the life of a human being is worth these days. If he’s on a bike, anyway.

Ten days. Four hundred hours. And at least $4000.

Who knows, maybe they’ll go hard on him and make it $4050.

That’s what Siddhartha Misra got from a Pasadena judge on Tuesday in his trial for the death of cyclist and musician Alan Deane.

And this for a fatal collision that was caught on video, and reportedly showed the driver failing to yield before fatally slamming into Deane on his bike.

And he apparently gets to keep his driver’s license.

So much for keeping dangerous drivers off the road. Let alone sending any kind of message that would encourage careless motorists to slow down and pay a little more attention for fear of the consequences if they didn’t.

If this is what passes for justice around here, I’ll pass.

Maybe our new DA will decide that bike riders have a right to get home alive.

Misra made a statement to the court apologizing for his actions and saying it’s a heavy burden he’ll have to live with until the day he dies.

I have no doubt that he’s sincere in his remorse. Lord knows I couldn’t live with myself under the same circumstances.

But I can assure you Deane’s family feels a hell of a lot worse.


A 63-year old Long Beach cyclist suffers a broken hip and rib when the victim of a hit-and-run; her son reports she was trapped under the car, and the driver actually backed off her to get away.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Long Beach Police Department Accident Investigation Detail at (562) 570-7355.


Big news in pro cycling — and good news, for a change — as USA Cycling finally puts women’s cycling on the same footing as men, with equal prize money and championships on the same weekend.

Now maybe the Amgen Tour of California and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge will figure out a way to get a women’s peloton on the course.

Chances are, they’ll get just as exciting racing — if not more.

And maybe even fewer former (?) dopers.


An Op-Ed in the L.A. Times says NBC Universal’s agreement to extend the L.A. River through their property is a good start — but until the other studios in the area fall in line, it’s just a start. Santa Monica considers $326,000 in improvements to the beachfront bike path through the city. Will Campbell plays Let’s Make a Deal as he just avoids the door prize, twice.

Fullerton joins with Bike Nation to develop a bike share program, as the latter seems to be developing the critical mass (lower case) for a pan-SoCal system; thanks to Lois for the heads-up. San Clemente considers a road diet — including bike lanes — on El Camino Real. Pomona replaces parking near Cal Poly with bike lanes. A Bay Area news site offers tips to ride safely following the tragic cycling death of a 12-year old girl. A San Francisco schmuck motorist hits a cyclist and drives off with his bike stuck under his car. Sonoma County Supervisors consider an L.A.-style cyclist anti-harassment ordinance; this would be the first to be adopted on a countywide basis. No really, if you’re carrying meth and a pipe after dark, put some damn lights on your bike.

The Alliance for Biking and Walking is accepting nominations for bike and pedestrian advocates and organizations. CNN discovers tweed rides and Cycle Chic — as well as our own Melissa Balmer of Women on Bikes SoCal. Honda says it’s okay to take a little nap behind the wheel. New bike-themed apartment complex opens in Denver, featuring bike storage, a repair room and even free bikes for tenants; so when can we move? Been awhile since we’ve checked in with Dottie at Let’s Go Ride a Bike; she offers a typically beautiful — for her — look at fall riding. A Pittsburgh cyclist says the driver who hit him did it deliberately. A Concord writer says he’ll take bike racks over bike lanes. Boston police warn cyclists about dangerous streets just hours before a cyclist is killed. Boston’s BikeyFace illustrates a downloadable bike safety poster. How New York can fight salmon cyclists, or not. Would you wear your medical information coded on your helmet?

Ontario townsfolk pitch in to replace a boy’s stolen bike. A Toronto physician is arrested protesting the removal of a bike lane. The London Standard says you don’t have to be Bradley Wiggins to deserve a safe ride home. Brit runners following a bike in a race end up following the wrong one. Maybe bike-friendly Bristol isn’t so bike-friendly anymore. Town Mouse’s mum would vroom away from red lights if only her town had any. After losing his license and property, an Aussie cyclist says the only thing bike helmets are proven to protect riders from is fines; my thick skull would beg to differ.

Finally, a Tennessee letter writer evidently assumes all cyclists ride as a hobby — and that local parks just magically appeared. And apparently, a British ad agency is going out of their way to develop the most offensive bike safety campaign yet; it may have been a misguided attempt at viral marketing, but at least they apologized.

Maybe instead of all this apologizing, we could try avoiding things that have to apologized for. Just a thought.

74-year old cyclist killed in Moreno Valley; fifth SoCal cycling fatality in two weeks

Please, not again.

For the second time in less than a week, a cyclist in his 70s has been killed on the streets of Southern California. And the fifth area cyclist to die in the last two weeks, after going over three weeks without a single fatality — four in traffic incidents and one by shooting.

According in the Southwest Riverside News Network, as well as a other sources which published identical stories, 74-year old Vernon Slade of Moreno Valley was killed early Sunday morning when he was hit by a truck on the 13100 block of Heacock Street.

Detail are sparse.

The collision was reported at 3:27 am, and Slade was pronounced dead at Riverside county Medical Center at 3:56 am. The driver who hit him was traveling north on Heacock Street in a Dodge Ram truck; no information on where Slade was positioned on the roadway or if he was using lights, or anything else that might help make sense of his death.

The story reports that the driver of the truck was cooperative. And not surprisingly, was not injured in the collision.

Slade represents the 56th traffic-related cycling fatality in Southern California since the start of the year — one more than the annual total for the last two years on record. He is also the 10th cyclist killed in Riverside County, and the second in Moreno Valley; that number matches the annual average for the county.

And it’s only October.

Another seven cyclists have died in shootings since the first of the year, one in San Diego and six in L.A. County.

My deepest sympathy for Slade’s family and loved ones.

And thanks to Rex Reese and an anonymous source for the links.


A few other quick notes.

The bike rider killed in the shooting in Long Beach on Saturday night has been identified as 29-year old Reynard Lionell Fulton of Palmdale.

Sam Ollinger of Bike San Diego offers more information about the dooring death of Justin Newman.

KPCC remembers extended station family member, and fallen cyclist, Alan Deane. Meanwhile, the recent deaths have Pasadena officials concerned; I should certainly hope so. Although a Whittier writer says it’s still safe to ride in the L.A. area, despite recent events.


Come back later for a little good news, for a change, as my dog sled racing big brother offers his perspective on taking up cycling many decades after he set his bike aside at 16.