Morning Links: BOLO alert for Brentwood hit-and-run driver

The LAPD wants your help in tracking down the hit-and-run driver who seriously injured a bike rider in Brentwood last November.

Brentwood BOLO

Then again, they might have better luck if they didn’t wait five months to ask for help next time.

Just a suggestion.



The LA Times offers the latest reminder about this weekend’s Finish the Ride to call attention to the problem of hit-and-run.

Wrap up next month’s Bike Week with the first Bike Night at Union Station.

KCRW’s beginning LA bike rider takes a Confident City Cycling course and concludes that drivers need bike education, too.

The Bike League looks at the Santa Monica Bike Center, now a Platinum-level Bike Friendly Business. And managed by the instructor of the afore mentioned CCC course.

Long Beach police are on the lookout for a bike riding groper.



Mark your calendar for the Honor Ride Irvine this August.

San Francisco motorists demand the restoration of balance in the city’s transportation planning; in other words, a return to all cars all the time.

I like it. San Francisco police virtually dare thieves to steal a bait bike. And pass out “Is this a bait bike?” stickers to post on your bike to make thieves think twice.

San Francisco’s bike share program expands to the East Bay despite the Bixi bankruptcy.

California’s proposed bike tax becomes a potential $5 fee on cars to repair and maintain bike paths in regional parks. Although I wonder how many voters, aka drivers, will be willing to tax themselves to fund bikes — especially when it requires a two-thirds majority.



This should be fun, as recently retired pro Dave Zabriskie commits to riding this year’s RAAM to promote Yield to Life as part of the Legends of the Road team.

A petition asks online fences websites Craigslist and EBay to require serial numbers on all bike ads. Of course, sellers could just lie about them, but still.

USA Today names Davis CA the best cycling town in America; my hometown comes in at number two.

Portland teens injure two people by throwing bricks at passing bike riders; one victim nearly loses an eye.

Ottumwa, Iowa Shriners are expecting 70 – 80 riders for a 30-mile Ride With the Clowns. Something like that could draw hundreds here; just don’t sniff any flowers.

Submitted without comment. North Carolina’s 21-time national champ admits to doping with amphetamines, synthetic testosterone and EPO. At age 62.



A Vancouver company plans bicycling sunglasses with a heads-up display.

A new World Health Organization report says if London achieved Copenhagen-like riding levels, it could save 500 lives a year and create 8,000 jobs.

David Hembrow looks at the good, the bad and the ugly of on-road bike lanes.

This time the tainted meat excuse actually works, as former Aussie world time trial champ Michael Rogers is cleared of doping charges after blaming Chinese meat.



For the English-challenged members of the media, there is a big difference between “watch out for bike riders” and “beware of bicyclist.”




  1. thesqueak says:

    Oh, look. The LAPD is investigating another “hit and run bicyclist accident..”

    It could have been an attempted premeditated murder, but the perpetrator’s intentions were carried away from the scene by the extremely convenient weapon. It could’ve been a drunk driving collision, but the perp’s liver metabolized the evidence about five and a half months ago.

    The genius detectives were able to rule all that out with the incredibly limited information they have available! Good job, LAPD!

  2. Mark Elliot says:

    Thanks for the reminder that one year ago, on April 3rd, a driver intentionally struck a cyclist here in Beverly Hills – an incident called attempted murder by the BHPD. Despite the video, there has never been an arrest made. Find the police advisory here:

    Check out those sorry photos. Even my site’s page on it shows better images:

    Unlike LAPD, I don’t think that the BHPD ever re-released our advisory. So this road-rage incident recedes into the history books.

  3. The perp has enough time to flatbed the car to an out of state repair shop and drive it back several times by now.

  4. […] Ted today. Morning Links: BOLO alert for Brentwood hit-and-run driver Yep, be looking for a car that was likely repaired our of state several weeks ago and driven back […]

  5. Ralph says:

    Given the fact that the police have 5 of 7 digits of the plate why couldn’t they look for the dmv records for the 100 numbers missing for a car of that type? Shoddy investigation.

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