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Morning Links: Have a great, safe 4th, looking for a bike riding stickup man, and LiLo crashes Citi Bike — literally

Have a great 4th of July.

Just remember there will be more drunk and distracted drivers on the road this weekend, so ride with a little extra care.

I want to see you back here in one piece on Monday.



The LAPD is looking for a bike riding Canoga Park stickup man.

New designs are unveiled for a bike and pedestrian friendly 6th Street Viaduct, though the process seems to leave much to be desired.

Elite cyclists return to the South Bay on Sunday for the 53rd Manhattan Beach Grand Prix.



Redlands police are beefing up bike patrols.

Tragic news, as a Good Samaritan cyclist is beaten to death when he comes to the aid of a Fresno woman being attacked by twin brothers; hopefully, they’ll get twin cells.

A Sunday ride through the Napa Valley wine country.



Three best practices for successful protected bike lane pilot projects.

Bicycling’s Bob Mionske writes about the Alabama man convicted of harassing cyclists and posting the videos online, while the magazine finds out what it means to ride like a girl.

Make your own DIY brake light for your bike.

Samsung works with Trek to bring tech to everyday cyclists.

Life is cheap in Utah. Run a red light and kill a teenage bike rider while texting, and get a whopping $700 fine and community service.

Big hearted Chicago family man tells a bike rider he hopes she gets killed by a semi after she chastises his group for blocking the bike lane.

Lindsey Lohan suffers some minor Citi Bike injuries on her birthday ride.

Pittsburgh cyclists will get new two-way protected bike lanes by Labor Day.

A fleet of 122 bicycle sculptures crafted by a Mexican artist are popping up around New York City.

A look at the growth of all-diabetic Team Novo Nordisk from a local Athens GA team to international competitors. If only I was younger. And faster.



The Guardian offers advice on how guys can look good on a bike.

The head of Britain’s Team Sky says by anyone’s assessment, the UK is now the world’s number one cycling country. Which should come as a surprise to most Brits, as well as everyone else in the world.

Scotland’s Town Mouse is still dealing with an angry, bike-hating raptor; maybe coping with LA drivers isn’t so bad, after all.

Tour de France officials vow to fight doping at this year’s tour. Meanwhile, you, too, can ride the route like the pros, though I assume doping is optional.

Bike riders may be worse off under a new Aussie 1-meter passing law that also tripled traffic violation fines for cyclists.

Australian government minister continues to call for licensing cyclists, even though his own ministry apparently doesn’t support the idea.



No, seriously. When you’re armed with a knife and carrying meth and a loaded syringe — and already wanted by police — stop for the damn stop signs, already.

And Portland’s famed Voodoo Donuts now offers a frosted bike donut, with proceeds supporting a local cycling center. Great idea for any LA shops that want to support the LACBC or CICLE; after all, we help keep enough of ‘em in business.


Morning Links: Gfunk in Long Beach, Complete Streets in Pasadena and a road raging Canadian goose


We’ve got an exceptionally long list of bike links from here in LA and around the world. So settle in for some serious Thursday clicking.

Just don’t even think of bothering me between 9 and 11 am.

No, seriously.



The Daily News says Seleta Reynolds is the right choice to get LA moving as head of LADOT, while Streetsblog says the City Council Transportation Committee gives her an enthusiastic thumbs up, as well.

The LA City Council votes to study placing an eight-mile bike path in the bed of the LA River.

Boyonabike says Pasadena could be on the brink of adopting a complete streets plan.

Long Beach’s protected bike lanes need protected intersections, as well. Meanwhile, the Tuesday night Gfunk ride brings out the funky nocturnal side of SoCal’s most bike friendly city.



The Orange County Transportation Authority hosts a meeting to discuss a countywide bicycle network.

A writer for the Coastline Pilot asks why Laguna Beach continues to tolerate bike and pedestrian deaths. Good question. Then again, why does any city — including LA?

BikeSD calls for a Vision Zero for our neighbor to the south.

A 77-year old Newbury Park resident leads a group of older riders on a 3,000 mile adventure of a lifetime.

San Francisco installs bike lockers in city-owned parking garages; we need some of that here.

Proposed legislation to allow protected bike lanes in California comes up for an important committee hearing today; the bill is sponsored by Calbike, but opposed by CABO for reasons they insist make sense to them. Meanwhile, Calbike offers their monthly report, including the status of current bike bills and bad news for bikes in the state budget.

Marin County investigators recover 130 stolen bikes.

After police refuse to help, a Sacramento-area man steals his stolen bike back.



The National Transportation Safety Board recommends requiring side guards on semi-trucks to keep cyclists and pedestrians from being crushed underneath.

A Kickstarter project is raising funds to build the world’s fastest bike.

A road raging Ohio driver assaults a cyclist riding with his son before his unoccupied truck crashes into another vehicle; of course, the driver insists he did nothing wrong.

It takes a real jerk to steal 15 bikes from a Special Olympics competition.

Two Dallas women are riding 3,000 miles to raise awareness about ovarian cancer.

A New York reporter insists the key to reducing traffic deaths is to keep those damn bicyclists and pedestrians out of the way of the poor, beleaguered motorists.



A Canadian rider has a near-non-death experience, otherwise known as a faceplant in traffic.

Caught on video: After an Ontario cyclist is nearly turned into road kill by a passing truck, the idiot brigade questions whether bike riders belong on the road. Although I have to admit, that shoulder looks pretty spacious and comfortable from here.

An Irish car passenger rolls down his window and pushes a 13-year old cyclist off his bike. Schmuck.

Scotland’s road deaths drop to a record low, despite increases in bike, motorcycle and car fatalities; only pedestrian deaths actually declined.

Cheng Ji is set to become the first Chinese rider in the Tour de France.



At least we only have to deal with angry drivers, as an Ottawa rider is attacked by a road raging evil-eyed goose. And a Bay Area father politely asks for his bike back after he leaves it unlocked on the sidewalk overnight.


Morning Links: The risks of biking in the Valley, Pippa makes it all the way, and a road rager attacks rescuer


A Ventura Blvd website looks at the risks of bicycling in the San Fernando Valley. Overall, a good piece, though there’s a lot to quibble over — like the lack of safety instructions for drivers, and the fact that LA wasn’t built for cars, but around what was then the world’s best transit system.

A Times OpEd piece looks at what LA can learn from Stockholm’s Vision Zero about reducing traffic deaths.

Wayfinding signs are finally coming to the LA River bike path.

CD2 Councilmember Paul Krekorian says he’s working to make NoHo safer for cyclists and pedestrians. Bike lanes on Lankershim would be a great place to start.



Costa Mesa bike shop owner gets 27 months for tax evasion.

Eighty-three year old driver hits and kills a bike rider in Salinas.



Dave Zabriskie’s Legends of the Road team wins the RAAM team competition, while Pippa Middleton shows she may be worth taking seriously after all, as her eight-person team finishes the world’s most challenging endurance race in just under six days and 11 hours.

A real estate blog offers 10 ways bicycling can save the world. Skip the infographic at the top and read the story below.

Commute by Bike says bicycling will remain a fringe way for adventurous, athletic and highly eco-conscious folks to get around without serious investment in bicycle infrastructure.

Nineteen Cherokee bike riders complete a 950 mile tour of the infamous Trail of Tears.

A Maine rider is injured in a solo fall that demonstrates the danger of a too close pass.

An Aussie travel piece says bicycling in New York is cheap, fun and safer than you think.



Vancouver columnists explain bicycle parts, with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Yorkshire is infected with yellow jersey fever.

An Irish writer insists riding across Dublin without a helmet is taking your life, or at least your brain, in you hands. And demonstrates he doesn’t get road diets.

Naples, Italy is now bike friendly.



Unbelievable. After a road raging Brit driver runs a bike rider off the road, he spins around to run down another motorist who stopped to help.


Morning Links: Too many LA memorial rides, Fig4All is up for more debate, and Buzzfeed wants to scare you


Boyonabike goes on Sunday’s Phillip O’Neill memorial ride in Pasadena, and pledges to work for the day when rides like that won’t be necessary. Amen, brother.

Streetsblog’s Sahra Sulaiman writes movingly of a weekend full of remembrances for far too many fallen riders.

The Cypress Park Neighborhood Council takes up the issue of the Fig4All North Figueroa road diet and bike lanes tonight.

Long Beach — and marriage — converts a confirmed vehicular cyclist into a bike lane rider.

Wired likes the new 1970’s style 10 speed bike from LA’s own Linus.



More on Assemblymember Gatto’s bill to create an Amber Alert-style system for serious hit-and-runs.

A 23-year old Costa Mesa man is charged with felony vehicular manslaughter, DUI and possession of marijuana after killing an 81-year old marathoner running in a Corona del Mar bike lane last week.

A San Diego cyclist is injured in a collision with a Border Patrol Vehicle.

A Santa Barbara writer discusses inspiring a children’s passion for pedaling.

Folsom Police recover 17 Trek bikes stolen from a local bike shop in April.

After getting caught up in the Lance Armstrong doping scandal, Santa Rosa’s Levi Leipheimer has a lot to say, but no one wants to listen.



Buzzfeed tries to scare you off your bike with a new Reefer Madness-style video.

Chicago asshole writer calls bike riders terrorists for allegedly endangering pedestrians — even when those pedestrians are standing in bike lanes. Maybe someone should tell him how many pedestrians are killed, not just frightened, by those on four wheels instead of two.

Since when is stealing a bike considered a “minor disciplinary” problem? Oh, yeah, when you’re a football player at a major university.

New Jersey considers a $500 fine for any driver who causes a collision with a cyclist.

Turns out that Virginia driver who hit a bike rider head-on while driving on a bike/pedestrian bridge was working for the state DOT; police still refuse to file charges.

Extreme road rage, as a Florida driver swerves at a cyclist who told him to slow down, then shoots at the rider and three others who came to his aid.



A UK cyclist participating in a charity ride is seriously injured after crashing into an anachronism a telegraph pole.

It takes a real jerk to steal a dozen bikes from riders with the UK’s version of Ride 2 Recovery.



A new study from the University of Duh show cyclists on separated bike paths suck down less smog than riders in the roadway. A new bike helmet reads your mind to map out the stressful points on your ride, as if you couldn’t figure that out for yourself.

And no. Just no.


Morning Links: Vote for bikeways in South OC, how to deal with road rage, and punched out for not running a red


A UCLA professor discovers that even after four or five decades, riding a bike is just like riding a bike.

Next weekend’s Santa Monica Festival features a bike rodeo and annual Bike Exposition.

Burbank’s US Representative Adam Shiff reports from the road on the AIDS LifeCycle ride. I’m starting to like this guy.



Voice your opinion on potential South OC bikeways.

A SoCal cyclist rides from San Diego to New York to raise money for starving children.

A 21-year old Moorpark park man struggles with a serious brain injury after the front wheel came off his bike in April; a reminder to always check your bike before you ride.

Chico hosts a Bicycle Music Festival this weekend. No, I don’t know what that is either, but it sounds like fun.

Nice to know there are few, if any, consequences for hitting a cyclist, fleeing the scene and threatening witnesses when you’re a homophobic pro football star.



Elly Blue offers advice on how to deal with your own road rage. My best advice is to focus on all the drivers who don’t piss you off, rather than the one who did.

The father of newly freed POW Bowe Bergdahl was an Olympic cyclist who lost his chance to compete when the US boycotted the Moscow Olympics over the Russian invasion of, yes, Afghanistan.

A Casper newspaper says it’s time to get serious about making changes in attitude and infrastructure to save cyclists’ lives, even in Wyoming.

Great idea. A cycling website in my home town gives a free crash kit to injured riders, including a new helmet, sunglasses, Road ID and comfort food, among other items. Almost makes it worth the wipeout.

A Wisconsin bike rider is called a hero for rescuing a 12-year old stabbing victim.

The Atlanta man caught on video attacking a cyclist and calling him anti-gay slurs turns himself in to police.



Mikael Colville-Andersen looks at the bikes of Brazil, which is quite different from the Boys from Brazil.

Edmonton CA moves forward with a new four-year bike plan.

Calgary bike gangs welcome new members; no word on whether you have to get a tattoo, wear leathers or go through a beat down initiation.

Caught on video: A Dublin bus driver threatens to run over a cyclist, even though he was in a bike lane.

How to leave the house on a bike in 13 very complicated but amusing steps.

Twenty-five-year old American Tejay van Garderen hopes to put a bad spring behind him and lead his team at the Critérium du Dauphiné and Tour de France.

An Australian cyclist is killed after he was apparently deliberately run off the road by an “arrogant and aggressive” motorcycle rider.



If you’re carrying oxycodone tablets you don’t have a prescription for, don’t force firefighters to evacuate an entire apartment building by parking your leaky gas-powered bicycle in a hallway.

And instead of complaining about cyclists running red lights, a Boston driver punches one out when he refuses to.


Morning Links: Maybe you do need bike self-defense, two new bike jobs and a jewel-encrusted mountain bike

There seems to be a common theme today, as at least five bike riders are attacked or robbed in news stories from around the world.

Fortunately, there’s also a story on how to use your bike for self defense. Let’s hope it works.


Just because paint goes on the street doesn’t it will stay there.

Boise prepares to remove bike lanes even though they don’t slow traffic and haven’t caused any wrecks, while San Antonio riders protest a vote to remove lanes there.

Meanwhile, bicycling explodes on streets with two-way cycle tracks, even though they may not be a good idea. And People for Bikes says intersections on protected bikeways are jaw-droppingly safe.



No surprise here, as Los Angeles commuters face the nation’s worst traffic. Or at least, the ones who don’t ride bikes or take transit do.

The BAC gives Councilmember Gil Cedillo’s rep a well-deserved earful on North Figueroa.

If you need a new job, CicLAvia needs a new Director of Community Engagement. And CalBike is looking for a Development and Communications Director, which would seem to require two distinct and unrelated job skills.

You’re invited to Ride Around Pomona this Saturday.



As if we didn’t have enough to worry about from motorists, a Fontana bike rider is robbed at gunpoint by occupants of a passing car.

This year’s San Francisco to LA AIDS LifeCycle ride raises $15 million for HIV/AIDS-related services.

The CHP is searching for a truck driver who fled the scene after hitting a Sonoma cyclist.



Yahoo Finance says if you want to save money, buy a bike or transit pass.

A new gyroscope-equipped bike takes the falls out of learning to ride, but will kids who learn that way be able to balance a regular bike on their own later?

Seriously, if Anchorage can be one of the nation’s top cities for bike commuting, what the hell is our problem? I mean, besides elected officials who single-handedly block much needed bike lanes?

A Tucson cyclist is used for target practice by a thankfully aim-challenged gunman.

Denver’s mayor calls attention to the hit-and-run epidemic, which clearly knows no boundaries.

Dallas police use the city’s misguided helmet law to target poor and minority riders, rather than enforce safety.

An Ohio man is riding cross-country on an ebike. At age 80, I think we can cut him some slack.

Stylish New Yorkers pose with their bikes; clearly, they have a different definition of stylish than I do.

An Atlanta runner attacks a bike rider after shouting anti-gay slurs.



I now qualify for Team Novo Nordisk, which is competing in Canada this week. Or I would if I was a lot faster these days.

An English writer does his best to suck all the joy out of riding with his 17 rules to not be a “fish and chips” cyclist, whatever the hell that means.

A UK driver gets away with killing a cyclist while speeding because authorities used the wrong kind of speed limit sign.

An Oxford, England rider is dragged off his bike by a scissor-wielding attacker.

Caught on video: A South African cyclist is bike jacked at gunpoint, and catches the theft — and thief — on his GoPro. Note to would-be thieves: always take the camera.

A different kind of bicycling injury, as a Singapore woman is in a coma after being hit by a bike wheel thrown from an apartment.



How to use your bike for self-defense; yes, a similar piece ran last year, but this one has cool animated GIFs. A news columnist admits to parking — and driving a race car — in Toronto bike lanes, but insists the riders who complain about it are the real problem.

But would he still try to block you if you were riding a solid gold, jewel encrusted mountain bike?



Morning Links: Better Biking on SM Blvd, an East Coast view of West Coast bike paths, and busted for bike sex


Mayor Garcetti officially unveils LA’s first Great Streets.

However, Streetsblog’s Joe Linton questions whether just $800,000 worth of improvements on 15 streets will really make a difference.

Better Bike offers suggestions on what can be done right now to improve safety for bike riders on Santa Monica Blvd through Beverly Hills, which could be a great street if officials in the Biking Black Hole cared enough to do anything about it.



Former LADOT Bike Blogger Christopher Kidd looks at the murky truth behind California sidewalk riding laws, which only serve to confuse virtually everyone, everywhere.

Meet champion cyclist and coach Connie Paraskevin in Corona del Mar next Tuesday.

An Ontario cyclist is in critical but stable condition after being dragged 1,000 feet under a car when the driver failed to stop. The 70-year old motorist thought he hit something, but didn’t know what — so naturally, he just kept going. He was not cited at the scene, since there appears to be no obligation to stop if you only think you hit something.

Three women riders are honored with Santa Barbara’s Velo Wing awards.

The Bike Hut offers a refuge for Bay Area cyclists riding south of Half Moon Bay. Do we have anything like that here in SoCal? If not, maybe we should.



Seriously? Bicycling magazine offers a very East Coast-centric look at the best boardwalks for bicycling; only the misnamed Marvin Braude bike trail and San Diego’s Mission Beach to PB path make the cut here on the Left Coast.

More on the protected bike lane study we discussed yesterday, as they appear to increase ridership wherever they go in.

A Minnesota writer says if Vehicular Cycling actually succeeded, it wouldn’t. Some things I might quibble with there, but an interesting read.

The sad thing is that a new law is even necessary to force New York police to prosecute drivers who hit pedestrians or cyclists that have the right-of-way.



A new study shows caffeinated carb gels really do improve performance.

Want. A British artist crafts die-cast bicycling figurines, including Breaking Away’s Cutter Dave Stoller.

A UK student develops the world’s most cut-proof bike lock.

The winner of the Giro, Columbia’s Nairo Quintana, receives a pink jersey blessed by the pope.



A dog rides an invisible inverse bicycle.

Which makes far more sense than this story about a Scotsman convicted of having sex with his bicycle, which presumably was incapable of giving consent. And no, I don’t even know how you’d do that — and don’t want to. Thanks to John McBrearty for the heads-up.


Morning Links: Stunning Phinney crash photo, Better Bike examines the candidates for county supervisor

Let’s start with a brief bit of racing news.

A stunning photograph captures the moment Taylor Phinney crashed and broke his leg in two places during last week’s national road championships in Chattanooga. You can see him still falling after hitting the guard rail, while the rider behind struggles to stay upright and the moto rider who caused the crash puts a foot down to steady himself.

Meanwhile, 1984 Olympic gold medalist Connie Carpenter Phinney — Taylor’s mom — discusses the aftermath of his collision.

Nairo Quintana becomes the first Columbian to win the Giro d’Italia, while Bicycling magazine profiles Marianne Vos, who may just be the best cyclist of our generation.

And Jaguar redesigns Team Sky’s Pinarello Dogma for the Tour de France.



Better Bike digests the responses supervisor to the LACBC’s candidate questionnaires for District 3 county supervisor with a side-by-side comparison of their stands on the issues. Take a look at the responses, and go Bike the Vote on Tuesday.



San Diego celebrated Bike to Work Day on Friday after a two-week delay due to the recent fires.

Four Riverside County cities team up to create a 12-mile bike and walking trail.

The Wild West Charity Bike Ride rolls in Banning this coming weekend.



The quality of bike lanes — how many riders actually use them — matters more than quantity.

Portland prosecutors decline to file charges in an alleged road rage case, saying they don’t think they the case is winnable.

After an urban terrorist attempts to injure New York cyclists by stringing a rope across a park roadway, the NYPD struggles to give a rat’s ass.

A North Carolina Ironman competitor is injured when an SUV driver slams on her brakes in front of competitors.

Members of the Cherokee Nation begin their annual 950 mile Remember the Removal ride in honor of the 1839 Trail of Tears, one of the most shameful moments in American history.

New Orleans launches new bike trains patterned after our own LA Bike Trains.

Caught on video: Ft. Lauderdale police take down a Critical Mass rider; thanks to Erik Griswold for the heads-up.



A British Columbian randonneur is shot from a passing pickup during the Cache Creek 600 an apparent random attack; fortunately, he wasn’t seriously injured.

It’s not really a bike lane if everyone else in Toronto is parking in it, is it?



Portland police offer advice on how not to be offended by the upcoming World Naked Bike Ride, like pull the shades down and turn up the TV. No, really. And Cyclelicious says bike handling skills could save your life.


Check back later today for some good news in the fight against hit-and-run, as I get to meet one — or make that two — of my heroes.

Morning Links: A massive list of post-holiday bike news; San Marino dreads outsiders on bikes

After San Marino rises up against the great unwashed masses on bikes, a writer for the Pasadena Star-News takes offense at residents taking offense.

Actually, we should all take offense at that.

Unlike the mad rantings of the Wicked Witch of Wall Street, who feared New York’s blue hued Citi Bikes would besmirch her fair city, at least some San Marino residents fear the mere presence of less-entitled outsiders on bikes.

What, exactly, they think we’re going to do there is beyond me. Though the story suggests at least one anonymous fear-monger implies we’re going to molest, or at least annoy, their children and shower in their schools.


To the best of my knowledge, the city’s proposed bike plan merely makes it more convenient for residents and outsiders alike to ride in and through the city.

Hopefully city officials will discard the mad rantings of xenophobic anti-bike residents, and opt for better safety for everyone, instead.

Thanks to Wesley Reutimann and Day One for the heads-up.


Speaking of Citi Bike, the popular New York bike share program celebrated it’s first birthday on Monday.

Surprisingly — for critics, at least — the city did not grind to a halt. Nor did it see a bloodbath of helmetless tourists run down on the streets.

Although it did get hit with a $1 million parking fine.


The Giro d’Italia moves on towards this weekend’s conclusion, as Columbian rider Nairo Quitana stole the leader’s jersey on a snowy climb; officials may or may not have caused mass confusion in the peloton by neutralizing the descent.

Apparently, Taylor Phinney’s violent crash in the national road race championships on Monday was caused by a race motorcycle that suddenly appeared in his path after he rounded a blind curve. He’s expected to miss this year’s Tour de France — if not the entire season — after surgery for a compound fracture of both bones of the left lower leg.

Velonews profiles the Scottsdale chiropractor who unexpectedly became the new national road champ.

And British TdF champ Chris Froome insists he doesn’t use anything stronger than espresso. Then again, didn’t that guy from Texas who insists he won seven Tours say the same thing?



Former Talking Head and noted bike rider David Byrne falls in love with DTLA, and proclaims it the perfect place to start a bike program. Maybe he missed all those bike lanes spreading throughout Downtown.

Steetsblog is in the final days of a month-long fund-raising drive .

The Bike League profiles John Jones III of the Eastside Riders Bike Club.

Ovarian Psychos is sponsoring a three-part DIY Road Bike Mechanics Class next month.

Volunteers are needed to conduct bike counts in the San Gabriel Valley.

Unless he somehow rear-ended a stopped car, it’s highly unlikely a cyclist was responsible for colliding with a car in Saugus since they were both travelling in the same direction, despite what the story in the SGV Signal suggests.

A Long Beach bike rider is shot and killed after fleeing police.



A new Newport Beach bike lane could have been better.

San Diego combines bike lanes, sharrows and quiet streets to form a downtown bike loop.

Two Menlo Park residents set national age group cycling records.

The NY Times says San Francisco police are going high tech to catch bike thieves.

State Assemblywoman Christina Garcia receives a petition in support of Andy’s Law to stiffen penalties for hit-and-run — and take away the driver’s license for up to 10 years.



Bike and pedestrian advocates and urbanists need to work together if either are going to succeed.

Ten rules to build better bike parking.

A nationwide summer camp program mentors girls through bicycling.

New York police bravely crack down on scofflaw cyclists; evidently they’re the ones whose behavior must be tamed before the city can reach its Vision Zero goals.

No license, no problem. An unlicensed New York driver faces a whopping $500 fine for killing a cyclist. Good thing the NYPD has its priorities straight.



A new Canadian smart bike evidently does everything but turn the pedals for you.

Not surprisingly, Vancouver merchants discover bikes are good for business.

New survey says 82% of Brits think bicycle education should be part of the basic curriculum for school children.

Endurance cycling can help you live longer.

A Russian fat cat loses weight by bicycling, even though its owner does all the work.

Queensland cyclists will still be required to wear helmets, but registration is off the table.

File this one under duh, as a New Zealand study shows demand for safer bicycling routes.



A camera-clad biking superhero fights for truth, justice and the British roadway, while another rider films himself hurling abuse at scofflaw pedestrians. And a real estate agent plans a bike ride to promote Boyle Heights to prospective clients, but cancels after a blowup over a tone-deaf approach to gentrification.


Morning Links: The dawn of a new LA Bike Week, men’s & women’s racing news, and bike riders under fire

Blessing of the Bicycles 2014It’s finally Bike Week in LA!

You can find links to dozens of local events throughout the LA area in this week’s Calendar.

And don’t miss tomorrow’s decidedly non-sectarian Blessing of the Bicycles honoring Ghost Bikes LA at Good Samaritan Hospital.


Mark Cavendish ekes out a victory in the first stage of the Amgen tour of California, while Carmen Small wins the women’s circuit race.

Marcel Kittel wins the third stage of the Giro d’Italia on his 26th birthday, edging out Ben Swift at the last second; Dublin comes out to show its support despite the rough roads local cyclists have to ride.

Marianne Vos captures the inaugural Tour of Britain, while a man in a mobility scooter just avoids colliding with the peloton.

Meanwhile, Capital Public Radio says the appeal of bike racing is the interaction of between the riders and the fans; on the other hand, KCET says it’s because it’s exhilarating. I vote for the latter, myself.



Councilmember Gil Cedillo is now suggesting sharrows on North Figueroa in place of the previously approved road diet and bike lanes, despite being captured on video saying just the opposite when he needed our votes.

A 25-year old man was shot in the back while riding in Pasadena early Saturday morning; thanks to Complete Streets Pas for the heads-up.

San Marino Rides looks at the draft San Marino bike and pedestrian plan; there will be a meeting of the San Marino Traffic Advisory Commission to discuss the plan on Monday, May 19th at 7 pm at the San Marino Center, 1890 Huntington Drive.

Bicycle advocacy group Pedal Movement offers free bike valet and tune-ups at the Long Beach farmer’s market.



A man in his 40s was found shot to death next to a bicycle in a Huntington Beach alley, though police aren’t sure if the bike was his.

Why would a Bay Area bike thief steal 26 bikes, only to leave them behind when he moved?

A new book profiles the artistry of 88 bike makers from around the world, including seven from Northern California.

When Mountain View balks on building a bike undercrossing, Google offers to over take the project. I wonder if they’d be willing to take over the North Figueroa road diet from Gil Cedillo?



Bicycling offers up the 10 best guided bike tours in the US, including the LA Taco Tour.

Nice Bike to Work video from Denver’s Regional Council of Governments.

In a nice gesture, a Texas college awards a posthumous degree to a bike rider killed by a drunk driver just shy of his graduation.

This is why you don’t chase after the guy who just stole your bike, as a New Orleans teenager is robbed at gunpoint by the thief.

Continuing a disturbing weekend trend, an eight-year old bike rider was accidently shot in the leg when a Pennsylvania man fires his gun off his deck.

Once again, a study shows women resist riding out of safety concerns; this time in New York, as over 76% of Citi Bike riders are men.



Most Alberta, Canada residents support separated bike lanes. As long as they don’t have to pay for them.

There seems to be an epidemic of road raging Brit cyclists these days.

London Cyclist explains why many bike riders wear jerseys.

Bike riding is cool again, even in India.

Riding a bike in rural Nigeria is a part of life; in urban Lagos, it can mean risking yours.



If you’re going to flee the scene of a Massachusetts hit-and-run with your teenage victim’s bike still trapped under your car, don’t speed through an apartment complex parking lot.

And Russell Brand — yes, that Russell Brand — gets out of his car to hug an angry cyclist after the rider is clipped by a passing van.


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