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Morning Links: Combo passing pole and clothesline, more CicLAvia photos, and close calls here and abroad

Call it bicycle multi-tasking.

David Wolfberg forwards a photo of bike rider with a pole marking a three-foot passing distance. And using it to keep his dress shirt freshly pressed for work.

And before you ask, yes, Wolfberg says took he the shot while he was safely stopped at a traffic light.


CicLAvia offers some great photos from Sunday’s Glendale Meets Atwater Village event. Though they somehow appear to have missed the Corgi. And the CicLAvia chicken.

Meanwhile, the Glendale News-Press provides their own photos of the day.


Now that’s scary as hell. A British bicyclist barely avoids becoming roadkill when a driver darts out in front on him on a roundabout.

Meanwhile, CiclaValley had a too close call of his own, which seems almost tame in comparison.


A new report says the UK’s phenomenally successful cycling program subjected cyclists to a culture of fear and abuse that was tolerated by leadership.

Hein Verbruggen died in the Netherlands at age 75; the longtime head of the International Cycling Union oversaw the growth pro cycling over the past few decades, as well as accused of being complicit in the doping era.

The inaugural Colorado Classic announces the four stages of the circuit-based August race.

An Italian cycling team has become the latest to be banned after two of its riders tested positive for doping on the eve of the Giro d’Italia. Good thing the doping era is over.



The Daily News looks at a growing memorial on the Orange Line bike path where a young homeless heroin addict died after hanging himself.

CiclaValley gives a positive review to the recent changes to the Griffith Park Circulation and Traffic Plan.

The NIMBY’s strike back. South Bay drivers have started a crowdfunding campaign to fight the recent road diets on Vista del Mar and Pershing Drive in Playa del Rey, so they can continue to use those beach community roads as their own cut-through commuter highways, safety be damned.

A Whittier man finally receives his high school diploma, 50 years after he shipped off to serve as a medic Vietnam rather than completing high school; in 2004, he joined with seven other cyclists on a ride from Irwindale to DC to successfully call for a designated day to give Vietnam vets the welcome home they never received.

The Long Beach man facing life in prison for throwing his bicycle at a cop who tried to stop him for riding without a license — and was severely beaten as a result — now says he’s a tribal sovereign exempt from American law. Of course he is.



Cupertino will invest $7 million in six new bicycling infrastructure projects over the next fiscal year.

You’ve got to be kidding. A man sentenced to 35 years in state prison for intentionally crashing into three bicyclists, among other charges, was mistakenly released when an unrelated Sacramento case was dismissed. Which means you might want to hide your bike until they can put him back behind bars where he belongs.

A Sacramento man’s bicycle remains locked to a fence after he was badly beaten while he was sleeping and left for dead on the corner where he worked as a sign twirler.

A man rode his bicycle 1,500 miles from Iowa to Sacramento to be with his sister as she battles cancer.



A Wyoming writer says yes, mountain bikers can be annoying, but they contribute a lot to the local economy.

Bighearted Omaha NE firefighters give 100 gently used bicycles to local kids, along with new helmets.

Austin TX bicyclists now face an easier commute after the state opens the third in a series of bike bridges over a steep gorge, which also means the shoulder formerly used by cyclists to cross an existing highway bridge can be turned back into a traffic lane. And thus induce additional traffic.

Police in Maine plan an statewide blitz to crack down on dangerous drivers who threaten the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians. In other words, what police should be doing everywhere, every day.

A Rhode Island memorial ride is re-envisioned with a new focus on bike safety for everyone.

A 21-year old Mobile AL man faces a number of charges after being arrested for shooting two bicyclists with a pellet gun.



Bike Radar usually gets it right. And their story on seven practical enhancements to turn your bike into a commuter bike is no exception. Although their use of the term “ultimate” might be debatable.

The Guardian offers five bike commute stories from around the world, ranging from witnessing a killer driver in Nairobi to crossing the border between affluence and poverty in New Orleans. And asks if bicycles and autonomous cars can co-exist by 2035.

Caught on video: A Calgary bike rider captures a rear view of an endo, after he goes over the handlebars when a driver stopped short in front of him.

A British writer says she loves to ride her bike, but drives instead because the roads in Manchester seem designed to wipe cyclists out.

Kindhearted English police repair an abandoned bicycle and give it to a teen when his was stolen after his family struggled to buy it.

A UK website asks if Mallorca, Spain is the ideal cycling location.

Bollywood star Salman Khan is one of us; the question is whether he’s just promoting his new movie or his new line of ebikes.

Dreams of making Bangkok the bicycling Copenhagen of the East have been dashed by a new governor with little interest in alternative transportation.



While settle for patrolling trails on an ebike when you can have a cute little mini cop e-car?

And if you’re going to be in illegal possession of a wild raccoon while riding your bike, at least put a light on it. The bike, not the raccoon.

Although judging by the look on the rider’s mugshot, we can guess where he hid it.

Thanks to Todd Munson for the tip.

Morning Links: Donald Trump the bike-riding bully; Bike Night at Union Station, and new bike stuff

We finally have proof that Donald Trump used to be one of us, as reporters for the Washington Post talk to people who knew him as a child.

Steven Nachtigall, now a 66-year-old doctor, recalled the time Trump, the “loudmouth bully,” jumped off his bike and pummeled another boy.

As long as we’re on the subject bike-riding celebrities, Cindy Crawford is one of us, as she goes for a ride in the ‘Bu with her fat bike-riding husband.

Gerard Butler is one of us, too, looking none too pleased to be stalked by paparazzi as he rides and dines in New York.


Metro wraps up the official Bike Month activities with tonight’s Bike Night at Union Station.

Meanwhile, Santa Monica Spoke closes out the month next Wednesday with a presentation by Chris Morfas on his work in Bogota, Columbia, home to 600,000 daily bike trips. Tickets are available here.


Today’s common theme is new bike stuff.

A new bike bell promises to make itself heard inside nearby motor vehicles. And not necessarily politely.

Your next ebike could fit in a backpack, right next to your collapsible folding helmet.

Wired says a new bike from California-based Yuba means we should all ditch our cars and start riding cargo bikes.


Cycling Weekly offers five talking points from stage 18 of the Giro.

Thursday’s stage could have relieved the pressure on Teejay van Garderen, or increased it.

And the Wall Street Journal asks if Tom Dumoulin can stay No. 1 after the No. 2 heard ‘round the world.



Part of the money Metro saves by not finishing the 710 Freeway could go to street improvements, including bike lanes.

LA is testing low-cost pedestrian safety improvements in South LA, but may be complicating matters for people on bikes.

The attn: website picks up the story the LAPD’s tone-deaf Vision Zero tweet encouraging bike riders to use lights and helmets in response to a possibly homicidal driver.

Time Out LA looks forward to the coming bike, foot and horse bridge over the LA River connecting Griffith Park to Atwater Village.

Taking time out from an increasingly busy advocacy schedule, LA Bike Dad bikes the kids to the La Brea Tar Pits.

A Burbank letter writer says the city’s bike lanes don’t really inconvenience anyone, and could save lives.

The La Verne Bicycle Coalition is using GoFundMe to raise money for bicycling improvements. Thanks to Lester Walters for the heads-up.

A Malibu paper talks with a man who’s bicycling an estimated 11,729.17 miles to visit every major league baseball stadium in the US this summer.



A homeless Orange County man swears he’s not running a bike chop shop, and all the bikes he sells were collected from sidewalks, trash bins and junk yards; local authorities — and people who’ve had bikes stolen — aren’t so sure.

A Newport Beach elementary school paused to remember Brock McCann, the eight-year old third grader killed by a garbage truck while riding his bike home from school one year ago.

No surprise here. The Fallbrook teenager accused of killing a bike rider while under the influence of a controlled substance has pled not guilty. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe account has been set up to benefit the victim’s family.

A Santa Barbara writer describes how he cracked his pelvis falling off his bike on wet cobblestones on an underpass maintained by Caltrans — and met another rider who was injured at the exact same spot. Caltrans’ warning sign telling cyclists to walk their bikes is probably not sufficient for the agency to avoid liability.

A Sacramento writer says the city may finally be becoming more bike-friendly, but it needs to pedal faster towards that future.



People For Bikes wants you to just say no to the Trump budget, which says no to bicycling.

A physically disabled eight-year old will be able to ride a bike with his family for the first time, thanks to the efforts of volunteers from Utah State University.

There could soon by a protected bike lane on Nashville’s famed Music Row.

A Florida woman rejects a call for bicyclists to pay their fair share, saying we already do. In more ways than one.



Bicycling is helping a Syrian refugee adapt to his new home in Canada. This is the kind of scary person our government wants to bar from the country.

Toronto discovers the hard way that a bike path with no barriers separating it from the roadway doesn’t pass the 8 to 80 test; a regular bike commuter says nothing prepared him for the crash he witnessed.

A London writer says “smug” cyclists are the key to a fume-free future. And bike riders might not be so paranoid if drivers would stop knocking them over.

The Guardian considers which British political party will do the most for bicycling in the country; not looking good for the major parties.

A new survey from the UK shows exactly what you probably already knew. Most drivers don’t understand the law when it comes to bicycling.



Every cyclist needs mom to coach them up the hard parts. If you’re going to make a run for it on your bike after stealing tools, try not to carry so many purses with you.

And if you’re going to ride drunk, try to pee facing away from traffic.

Then again, that holds true for taking a dump while leading a Grand Tour, as well.


Morning Links: Newspapers across the US get it, and the spoiler-free Tour of California wraps in Pasadena

It was a relatively light news weekend, so let’s get right to it.


For a change, a number of newspapers actually seem to get it.

The Ventura County Star says use the state’s increased gas tax to improve safety for bicyclists and pedestrians.

The San Luis Obispo newspaper says fear is what’s keeping people from riding to work. And protected bike lanes are the answer.

The Denver Post says they support the idea of bicycling, and are keeping an open mind on a new two-way cycle track, even if they hate the ugly bollards.

And a writer for the Boston Globe says the city is too focused on the needs of drivers, and not enough on the people around them.

But then there’s this North Carolina newspaper, which insists on calling it an accident after the driver is charged in the death of a bicyclist.


By now, you probably know who won the Amgen Tour of California in Pasadena on Saturday. And what a surprise it was, becoming the first person from his country to win a WorldTour event. How’s that for a spoiler free wrap-up?

Once again, a rider has been injured in a crash caused by a race motorcycle, and Britain’s Geraint Thomas is forced to withdraw from the Giro. Here’s where the race stands after Sunday’s stage.

Former pros Alexander Vinokourov and Alexander Kolobnev will stand trial in Belgium on charges of corruption after Vinokourov was accused of paying Kolobnev 150,000 euros to let him win the 2010 Liege-Bastogne-Liege.

One of Ireland’s top amateur cyclists says the country is making races easier because riders aren’t “hard” enough to handle hard training or racing.



The LA Times says newly re-elected CD1 Councilmember Gil Cedillo’s close call should send a message to City Hall that Angelenos are tired of business as usual. They focus on the city’s broken planning process, but the same message holds true for our dangerous streets.

The Source takes stock of the state of bicycling in the LA area, suggesting we have a good future ahead.

Streetsblog’s Joe offers images from LA’s Bike Week 2017.

A letter to the Burbank Leader explains how bike corrals will benefit the entire community.

A Long Beach bike rider was rammed by a car in what may have been a gang-related attack.



Caught on video: A tutor at Santa Ana College catches a bike thief in the act, who apparently doesn’t care.

Around 100 cyclists turned out for Saturday’s Tour de OC to raise funds for abused and neglected children in the county.

A group of 40 special needs kids in San Diego learned to ride a bike in a five-day “I Can Bike” camp.

NFL running back Marshawn Lynch is one of us, taking an impromptu BMX bike ride from Oakland to Berkeley and back with a few hundred friends. And a police escort.

Community members pull together to replace a Vallejo boy’s bicycle after it was stolen for the second time.



Adam Samberg is taking on the world of doping, uh, cycling, in an upcoming mockumentary for HBO.

City Lab asks not if, but when bicycles will rule the city.

A writer for Glamour proves that you actually can forget how to ride a bicycle, as she relearns how to ride at age 30.

An intern will be riding all 600 miles of Central Iowa’s off-road bike paths with a bike specially equipped to detect potholes and other problems with the pavement.

An Ohio driver gets two years behind bars and loses his license for five years for brake-checking a cyclist after an obscenity-filled punishment pass.

The rich get richer. New York plans six miles of protected bike lanes to connect bikeways in Eastern Queens. Which is how you make an actual bike network. And actually encourage more people to ride.

Treehugger says it’s time to stop traffic terrorism in the wake of the deadly drug-fueled attack in Times Square. Thanks to Fred Davis for the heads-up.

The war on bike riders goes on. A Florida man was shot in the ass multiple times from a passing car as he was riding his bike.



Bike Radar tells you how to get your bike project crowdfunded.

A Canadian doctor asks how can he recommend bicycling to his patients when the streets are still dangerous.

Now this is taking Vision Zero seriously. London banning all motor vehicle traffic in a crowded junction in the financial district during daylight hours in response to the death of a woman riding her bike.

An Irish bike rider says she thinks cyclists are a death wish on wheels.

A Japanese prefecture opens a nearly 700 mile bikeway around Shikoku island in an attempt to make it a “holy land for cyclists.”

Myanmar has a thriving BMX culture, with riders saving up to pay as much as $2,500 for a bike, despite a minimum wage of just $2.65 a day.



Dumping raw sewage from the team van is a crappy move. Seriously, don’t punch people in cars, even if they are driving on a bike path.

And why wait for the driver to stop when you can just steal a bike off a moving car?


Morning Links: Amgen Tour of California starts Sunday and yesterday; horrifying drunken road rage assault

The Amgen Tour of California men’s race starts on Sunday, while the separate but unequal women’s race is already under way.

Bicycling offers advice from a nine-year old bike racer, who is youngest reporter at this year’s Tour of California.

The Pasadena Weekly looks forward to the final stage, which ends in the Rose City, while Pasadena Now highlights the finish line festival and VIP experiences.

CiclaValley offers his own preview of the race.


In a truly horrifying story from Illinois, a driver is under arrest for attempted murder and a host of other charges after she flipped off a retired police captain as he rode his bike, then repeatedly rammed his bicycle and ran over him, and fled the scene with his bike still jammed under her car.

Not surprisingly, the judge ordered a mental health evaluation.

Thanks to Andy S for the heads-up.



The EGP News says Tuesday is D-Day in CD1, while suggesting the majority Latino district could see a non-Latino elected to represent it for the first time if Cedillo supporters don’t turn out to vote.

Streetsblog examines new bike lanes on Hooper and Firestone in unincorporated South LA, which naturally don’t connect with any other bike lanes and disappear where riders need them most — in part thanks to Councilmember Curren Price’s ceaseless efforts to block a badly needed bike lane on Central Ave.

The Daily News offers photos of last year’s North Hollywood Ride of Silence; this year’s ride will take place on Wednesday.

The annual Cyclofemme ride rolls tomorrow at the new LA State Historic Park.

Collisions involving bicyclists and pedestrians make up just 18% of all collisions in Santa Monica, but result in 70% of the city’s traffic fatalities and 60% of severe injuries.

Santa Monica’s Cynergy Cycles is hosting a commute by bike clinic on Tuesday to get you ready for Bike to Work Day.

Long Beach will be honored for a plan to redefine the Long Beach Blvd corridor to enhance walkability and improve options for bicycling and transit, as well as housing.



Apparently, civil war has broken out in Cardiff, pitting neighbor against neighbor in a battle over which side of the railroad tracks a bike path should go on; the Coastal Commission voted to run the pathway along the railroad tracks, rather than along the Coast Highway.

An allegedly drunk San Diego driver was arrested at gun point after running away from a crash that left a bike rider seriously injured.

A 12-year old Antioch girl got her stolen $4,000 adaptive tricycle back thanks to a cop who made it his personal mission to find the thief; he found a 24-year old man riding it, who claimed he just found it.

The San Jose paper calls out salmon cyclists.

A barricaded pedestrian bridge might have spared the life of a San Lorenzo teenager who was killed by a train on his way to school; the crossing was fenced off years earlier due to concerns over graffiti and drug use. So instead of cleaning up the bridge, officials chose to put lives at risk.

The Bay Area celebrated Bike to Work Day yesterday; LA will observe it next week.

A Napa family makes a 15-mile round trip to school every day. Which shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is.



Toilet plungers once again form a DIY protected bike lane, this time in Providence RI. Except this time, the city plans to let them stay if they don’t impede traffic.

Boston bicyclists demand more money for safety programs in the wake of a rider’s death; the ex-wife of the victim blasted the mayor for not doing more to address traffic fatalities.

A writer for the New York Daily News gets it, asking why the NYPD cracks down on cyclists when drivers are the ones who pose the biggest danger. And the biggest jerks, in his estimation.

The widow of the bike rider killed by the drunken hit-and-run Baltimore bishop calls on drivers to put their phones down, and think before they get on the road.

A Tampa FL paper says America’s bicycling renaissance needs to be about more than just fun and fetish.



Toronto’s Globe and Mail considers the many ways bicycles help build better communities.

It turns out the bicyclist rammed into a tree by a pregnant London driver is a former Boston resident.

Here’s ten suggestions on where to ride on your next trip to Italy.

Australia’s Queensland state considers allowing student drivers to take a bicycle training course, and apply it as part of the required training for a driver’s license. Good idea. Except it should be required, not merely allowed.

Caught on video: An Aussie cyclist broadsides a car after bypassing stalled traffic in a bike lane, but apparently not paying attention when he entered an intersection.



Running bicyclists and Californians out of Portland since the 1900s. Combining recreational shooting, hiking and bike on a single trail; what could possible go wrong?

And seriously. It doesn’t do a lot of good to gesture angrily at the train that just missed you, after going over the crossing gates.


Morning Links: TdF champ Froome run off the road, Cedillo remains unpopular, and dodging bears on your commute

It’s Morning Links lite today, as last night’s breaking news and a broken internet connection took up too much of the evening.

But we managed to save the most important stuff for you.

So give it a read, then ignore the threatened May gray and drizzle, and get out for a ride. Or the other way around.


It’s not just us. Even Tour de France champs have to contend with angry drivers, as Chris Froome was run off the road by an impatient jerk while on a training ride in southern France; fortunately, he’s okay but his bike is toast.

If you’re jonesing for the Giro, which isn’t being carried on US TV, you can see it here if your willing to pay after the free seven-day trial ends. Thanks to Madeline Brozen for the tip.



CiclaValley says next week’s series of Vision Zero Roscoe meetings and workshops are an important step in changing the auto-focused nature of our streets.

Bike SGV continues their series of Bike Month profiles of riders in the San Gabriel Valley.

Pasadena bike riders can enjoy a luxury pit stop next Thursday at the Langham Hotel for Bike to Work Day.

According to the LA Times, CD1 incumbent Gil Cedillo remains deeply unpopular in the district, despite the problems with the Bray-Ali campaign. Meanwhile, CD1 resident Todd Munson observes the irony of being asked to vote for Cedillo while being blocked from his Twitter account.



A San Diego bike rider and her dog are both expected to be okay after they were hit by a driver as they crossed a City Heights street in a crosswalk.

A bike rider apologizes for being rude to a Sacramento cop who just tried to say hello.



Now that’s scary. A Houston study shows one in three bike riders and pedestrians reported at least one near-miss or other close calls with a motor vehicle in a single week, while several reported those close calls lead to physical intimidation and verbal assaults by drivers.

Gear Junkie goes undercover with the Minneapolis vigilante bringing bike thieves to justice.

The LAPD officers on the Hollywood to DC Hollywood Memorial Ride to honor fallen officers passed through Cookeville TN on their way to Virginia.

Drunken, hit-and-run Baltimore ex-bishop Heather Cook was denied parole on Tuesday; the outright denial means Cook will have to serve her full sentence, though she could get out up to a year early with time off for good behavior.

A local TV station says there are fewer potholes in New Orleans bike lanes than then rest of the street because of the gas and water lines that lie underneath the traffic lanes. Or maybe it’s because bikes don’t cause wear and tear to the pavement like cars, SUVs and trucks.



A new report from the World Health Organization tells the world’s drivers to slow the f*** down. Although they might have phrased it a tad better.

A Vancouver commercial street is thriving, despite fears a road diet and separated cycle track would kill the businesses alongside it.

The BBC justifiably catches hell for asking who was to blame after a van driver used his vehicle as a weapon to force a bike rider off the road.

This is the cost of traffic violence. A British mother will have her baby behind bars after being convicted of intentionally running a bike rider off the road and into a tree because he had the audacity to complain about her use of a cell phone while driving.

A new Kickstarter campaign is under way to start the process of rescuing at least 80 neglected bikeways in the UK that were built with Dutch guidance in the 1930s.

A woman is running for city council in Tehran, Iran on a platform of creating bikes lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets that would allow women to walk safely. More evidence that cities around the world face similar problems due to overreliance on motor vehicles.



Evidently, if you want to try bike commuting, you have to look the part. You also want to make sure no one else is riding your bicycle.

And try to avoid getting chased by a bear on the way.

Morning Links: The good, bad and ugly in SD, screaming AL truckers busted, and the future belongs to bikes

It’s shaping up to be a video Monday.

Let’s start with a clip from Frank Lehnerz, who offers a first-hand perspective on why San Diego bicyclists are frustrated that starts out good, but gets ugly fast.


An Alabama father and son were arrested after turning themselves in for the screaming road rage assault on a charity cyclist that went viral last week.

Then there was this one from the UK, where a British van driver deliberately ran a bicyclist off the road. And was fired as soon as the video became public.


The future is ours. A prominent disruptive technologies analyst says bicycles will eventually rule the roads, and cars will be the big losers.

And forget ebikes. Here’s what we’ll all be riding.


Nice new ad from Go Human in honor of bike month.


With just over a week left in the campaign, CD1 challenger Joe Bray-Ali has replaced both his campaign manager and communications director with professionals, taking the place of two people described as “essentially neighborhood volunteers.”

Speaking of Bray-Ali, Todd Munson forwards a mailer from incumbent Gil Cedillo that targets the bike-riding challenger directly.



Former American pro Tyler Hamilton says there’s still doping in the pro peloton. Which should come as a shock to absolutely no one.

It was not a good day for Australia’s Rohan Dennis at the Giro; Geraint Thomas had the legs, but not the luck. Here’s Sunday’s spoiler-free standings.

The Sacramento Bee wants to know why women cyclists competing in the Amgen Tour of California make less money than men when they work just as hard. Why, indeed?

Make your TV watching plans for the AToC. Or be there in person when the race comes to the LA area for the last four stages.

BMC Racing General Manager Jim Ochowicz says fans will be surprised by the next generation of cycling talent coming from the US in the next few years; a new group of Canadian riders is on the rise, as well.

ESPN introduces the women of New York’s Red Hook Crit. And for a change, it’s not all glamour pics. Or any, for that matter.

New champions were crowned in the Redlands Bicycle Classic men’s and women’s crits.


Before we move on, let’s throw in a quick sponsored post from our friends Jon Riddle and Sarah Amelar, Co-Authors of Where to Bike Los Angeles.

Don’t let National Bike Month slip by without adding Where to Bike Los Angeles to your cycling library. It’s by far the best riding guide for LA by far and you can pick it up during the ongoing one-month sale — this May only — for less than twenty bucks a copy directly from the authors’ Amazon store.



The LA Times says it’s time to give the Idaho Stop Law a try in California.

The LACBC is hosting a Bicycle Commuting Essentials workshop tonight at Just Ride LA in DTLA to help get you ready for next week’s Bike to Work Day.

Streetsblog checks out the new protected bike lanes on Monterey Road in Northeast LA.

A writer for the San Gabriel Valley Tribune rides the San Gabriel River Trail and encounters several homeless encampments on the way, including what looks like a bicycle chop shop.

A writer on Facebook says his mother tracked down her stolen bicycle in El Monte, but can’t get police to take it seriously.



Newport Beach considers a road diet on Bayside Drive to slow speeding drivers, after resistance to plans for a roundabout.

A San Diego city councilmember rides with 100 bicyclists through his Barrio Logan district, while promising money for bicycling.

San Bernardino County accepts a $200,000 SCAG grant to develop an Active Transportation Plan for the High Dessert’s Morongo Basin.

Why blame all those people in cars for causing traffic congestion, when a bike-riding Santa Cruz councilmember and his supporters make such convenient scapegoats?

A Sacramento bike rider was attacked by a pair of pit bulls from a homeless encampment along a riverfront bike path, suffering severe bite wounds on his legs.



Despite the failure of Seattle’s bikeshare program — largely blamed on the city’s mandatory bike helmet law — two dockless, app-based bikeshare companies have set their sights on the city.

Caught on video: If you’ve ever wondered how bike thieves go about their business, check out this Boise ID security video.

Bighearted members of an Iowa organization provided five special needs kids with adaptive bicycles.

Texas toddlers complete in a strider bike race around the streets of Fort Worth in the cutest story you’ll read today.

A Memphis cop has joined past and current officers from the LAPD on the first Hollywood Memorial Ride to honor fallen officers.

Several hundred New York riders take part in the annual Blessing of the Bicycles. LA’s Blessing of the Bicycles will take place at Good Samaritan Hospital a week from tomorrow.

New York riders says a perpetually clogged Williamsburg bike lane is a fatal crash waiting to happen.

Evidently, Aziz Ansari is one of us, riding his bicycle to promote an upcoming show at New York’s Paley Center. Thanks to Megan Lynch for the heads-up.

Twenty-six riders stopped in Philadelphia on their way to DC on a 400-mile ride from Newton, Connecticut to honor the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting.

No surprise here. Bicyclists in Maryland oppose the release of the drunken, hit-and-run Baltimore bishop; if you live in Maryland, you’re urged to sign the petition to keep Heather Cook behind bars.

A Virginia writer says everything he knows about bicycling he learned from his father, and hopes to pass it on to his own kids one day.

Kindhearted cops in Georgia help 17 kids build their own bicycles donated by a food company.



In a study that should surprise absolutely no one, researchers conclude that the success of bikeshare programs depends on safe bicycling infrastructure.

Bike Radar offers six essential roadie skills, along with nine things you can do on a bike, but probably shouldn’t do off one.

Calgary police recover a stolen bicycle and return it to the owner 18 years after it was taken.

Despite support for cycling from Parliament, the UK’s Cyclist Magazine worries that cycling will get squeezed out of political party manifestos in the rush to the country’s new election.

A writer for the Guardian considers the lesson he learned from his dad about how to be a good father, courtesy of a used purple chopper bike.

Popular five-year old British bikewear maker Vulpine has gone belly-up.

An award-winning inventor in the UK has developed an incredible shrinking bike helmet designed to fit into a small pouch.

A five-year old girl will be tackling the full length of a 55-mile Welsh trail, along with her father and seven-year old brother. At that age, I was happy when my parents let me ride around the block. On the sidewalk.

Sad news from Spain, where a drunk and stoned driver — at 8:30 on Sunday morning — plowed into six members of a triathlon team on a training ride, killing two and seriously injuring three others.

Melbourne, Australia authorities clear a bike rider in the death of an elderly man who stepped in front of him as he rode in a bike lane.



If you’re a convicted felon carrying a loaded handgun on your bike, don’t ride salmon. Unless headline is missing a comma, this could be the most popular bikeway in the state.

And the next time you’re struggling to make it up a hill, just &%$^! the #&O%! out of it.


Thanks to Danila Oder for her generous donation to support BikinginLA, and help keep Southern California’s best bike news coming your way every day.


And another post comes to  close, as the support staff has petered out after hard day fetching all the latest news.

Morning Links: Dangerous driver — and pedestrian — tricks, and willfully indignorant* bike-hating writers

The war on bikes goes on.

A Macon GA pedestrian was convicted of misdemeanor assault for body-checking an Air Force chaplain who was riding his bike on a base fitness trail, insisting “the trail is not for bicycles.”

A North Carolina driver faces a second degree murder charge for — allegedly — intentionally running down a bike rider, for the apparent crime of saying something to a woman at a nearby home.

A British Columbia hit-and-run driver may have intentionally targeted a 14-year old competitive cyclist; a witness saw the truck veer into a bike lane to hit her, while reports circulated about a similar truck involved in a previous road rage incident.

Meanwhile, a Toronto writer asks if driving is a privilege, why is it so hard to revoke — and why shouldn’t dangerous drivers be priced off the road?

Or as Tom Vanderbilt put it, a driver’s license is too easy to get, and too hard to lose.


Then there are the writers who just don’t get it. And seem damn proud of it.

A Davis columnist doesn’t seem to like the idea of an Idaho Stop Law, because, in his observations, virtually no one on a bike stops for a stop sign anyway, while every single driver comes to a full and complete stop. No, really, you can stop laughing now, that’s what he said.

An Atlanta columnist describes a road diet as “New Urbanism-speak for choking off a road” in hopes that drivers will become so frustrated they’ll go somewhere else.

On the other hand, an Australian columnist gets it, saying licensing bicyclists isn’t the answer, and that only a change in the attitude of all road users will prevent future tragedies.


Fallen pro cyclist Michele Scarponi will be buried today in his full team kit; even his parrot is in mourning.

A French pro was the victim of a vicious attack with a baseball bat and a box cutter while on a training ride with two other cyclists.

Former British cyclist Jonathan Tiernan-Locke lost his license for 41 months after being convicted of driving at over twice the legal alcohol limit. This is why people continue to die on the streets, when even a second drunk driving offense results in nothing more than a slap on the wrist.



Vision Zero will host four open houses in Southeast and South LA in the coming weeks, with the first one this Thursday. And will roll out a series of events throughout the LA area, starting this week on Hoover Street.

The Better Bikeshare Partnership looks at the Team LACBC Diversity program to encourage more people to take part in the annual Climate Ride, beyond the usual white male suspects.

Speaking of the LACBC, they’ll be holding a roadside bike repair workshop tomorrow evening in conjunction with DTLA’s Just Ride LA bike shop.



Now that Governor Brown and his wife got new bicycles for Christmas, maybe he’ll be a little more concerned about bicycle safety and providing safe places to ride.

A San Diego man recounts his “amazing” four-day ride along the coast highway from Ocean Beach to Santa Barbara with a friend.

A San Jose woman wants bike riders to pay to fix potholes in the roads, even though bikes don’t cause them. Cyclelicious takes the opportunity to remind us of the Fourth Power Rule, concluding that a Prius causes 38,000 times more road damage to the road than a bicycle.



People for Bikes compares bicycling to other types of exercise to see how it stacks up; shockingly, riding a bike comes out on top almost every time.

Portland is developing an adaptive bikeshare program to address complaints that the city’s Nike-sponsored systems isn’t accessible to people with disabilities.

Austin TX is doubling the size of their free bikeshare system.

Caught on video: A Skokie IL cop pulls over a driver for tailgating a bike rider, telling them both “I want you to know that I care.” Although it’s kind of scary that the rider didn’t know he was being followed that closely.

A Minnesota TV station profiles a facemask wearing, bike-riding Robocop who records and challenges dangerous drivers.

Drag racer Courtney Force and IndyCar driver Graham Rahal are two of us, as they go fat bike riding in Indianapolis.

Caught on video too: Tennessee firefighters rescue a teenager who tried to ride his bicycle through 50-degree floodwaters.

Life is sickeningly cheap in Florida, where killing a fourth grader riding his bike on the sidewalk is worth nothing more than a $1,000 fine and a one-year license suspension.



Caught on video three: A bike-raging Toronto cyclist smashes the side mirror of an SUV, accusing the driver of laughing after nearly hitting him; a local advocacy group rightly condemns vigilantism while noting that something clearly led up to the incident.

Horrific story from London, where police are looking for a gang of masked thugs who hacked a teenage bike rider to death for no apparent reason, after harassing people earlier in the evening.

An unmarked bike cop will be riding the streets of Edinburgh to catch and educate drivers who don’t pass safely. Which is really all it takes to enforce the three-foot passing law, and yet, almost no police agencies in the US bother to do it. Including here in Los Angeles.

Forbes says the Glasgow study showing bike commuting can lower your risk of death by all causes 41% is an exceptionally well-controlled study, adding to its credibility. Unlike, say, the one that says you could suffer dementia and have a stroke if you drink diet soda.

A new Dutch system uses bunnies and turtles to tell you whether you need to speed up or slow down to make the next green light. And a cow to say just give up, already.

A bikeshare company is picking up the tab for Beirut’s first prototype bike lane, which will be extended throughout the city if all goes well.

The battle to reclaim Mosul from ISIS rebels has resulted in a unique bicycle culture, as cars and motorcycles are banned from moving in the west side of the city, and bikes are more practical in the rest.

Remembering when bikes went to war a century ago, as members of the Kiwi and Aussie Anzac Cyclist Brigade found themselves trapped in the trenches of WWI.

Nothing like watching a seeming embarrassed kangaroo hide its crotch after just missing an Aussie cyclist.



No, seriously. If you’re riding your bike at 2:40 am carrying hash, crack and coke, put a damn light on it and stay off the sidewalk. If you’re going to use your bicycle as a burglary getaway vehicle, again, put a damn light on it, already.

And if you feel the need to salute the cyclist who just beat you in a sprint to the finish, try to use more than one finger.

Or at least hide it from the camera.


*A mashup of indignant and ignorant, a truly lovely combination


Morning Links: Times talks bike tours, reward for bike-riding Koreatown killer, and more stupid criminal tricks

The LA Times Travel section went heavy on the bikes this week, following up on yesterday’s story on charity bike rides in the West.

The paper asked “bicycling enthusiasts” for their favorite rides, which ranged from LA’s Ballona Creek north to Washington, and east to the Mississippi. But somehow managed to place Iowa’s RAGBRAI in Missouri.

They suggest trying a pedal-assist ebike to get a bigger charge out of your trip — no pun intended, I’m sure — and follow up with ten questions to answer before you set out on a bike trip.

And last but not least, they offer a short timeline of the 200-year history of the bicycle, noting that the first recumbents were met with derision.

An attitude that continues today in some circles.



There’s now a $50,000 reward for the bike-riding man who killed a homeless woman in Koreatown in February.

CiclaValley urges everyone to show up for Wednesday’s meeting for bike lanes on Lankershim Blvd.

CicLAvia is looking for a paid digital engagement intern.

A 36-year old homeless man has been ordered to undergo a psych evaluation after getting busted for throwing an object at a driver’s car when he was apparently cut off while riding his bike on a Santa Clarita sidewalk.



Welcome back to SoCal, Frank. Former Newport Beach bike advocate Frank Peters is back in Southern California, setting up shop in Santa Barbara after a stint in Portland. And back to his old bike advocacy ways.

Plans are starting to fall into place for a possible 13-mile bike and pedestrian path linking Petaluma and Sebastopol.

The organizer of the Napa County triathlon where over 30 competitors were treated for possible hypothermia after swimming in a freezing lake says it didn’t really happen, and besides, they should have worn a jacket.



Cyclocross Magazine offers seven pretty good reasons to visit your local auto parts store.

Thankfully, there’s no consensus in the Iowa legislature for a bill that would force bike riders to dress like roadway workers and light their bikes 24/7.

Equestrians carry the anti-bike torch in Wichita KS, partially blocking plans for a bike path through a park.

A Wisconsin bike rider faces charges for allegedly beating a pedestrian after they nearly collided as the victim was crossing the street.

Chicago drivers who ignore No Parking signs and park in a buffered bike lane are blocking more than just people on bicycles.

The driver charged in the drug-fueled Kalamazoo massacre that killed five bike riders was arrested for a previous DUI in 2011, but his confession that he was stoned on painkillers was tossed because he hadn’t been read his rights.

Winston-Salem NC plans construction of a separated bike path along with a highway project, minimizing costs and disruption; the route is designed to allow riders to avoid a pair of major hills on their way downtown.

Atlanta is putting the finishing touches on a new three mile, 14-foot wide section of the planned Beltline multi-use trail through the city.



Treehugger reviews the new book by the Guardian’s bicycling writer, Peter Walker.

Montreal makes a smart move by making their bikeshare free on weekends.

After being acquitted in Britain’s first crowd-funded private prosecution, a British driver says it’s horrifying to be responsible for the death of another person, while insisting that she just didn’t see him.

Police are looking for an English cyclist who assaulted a couple in their 60s when they parked their car after passing him. I’d really like to say there’s another side to the story, but there’s no excuse for physically attacking anyone. Ever. Period.

No bias here. A British paper says a bicyclist suffered serious injuries smashing into a windshield. Never mind that she was actually hit by the car, which apparently did not have a driver.

As long as you run the country, you can make them play any damn song you want. The president of Turkmenistan has chosen a song he recorded as the official anthem of the Asian Indoor Games being hosted by his county.

An Indian couple is riding from Mumbai to Bangkok, having covered over 2,100 miles so far.



A police station probably isn’t the best place to hide after getting off your bike and snatching a woman’s cell phone. Just a suggestion: If you’re going to ride your bike in the Applebee’s parking lot, leave your gun, heroin and prescription drugs at home.

And if you’re going to drop out of a bike race, try not to get picked up by the police for riding on a highway.


Morning Links: Gilbert skips Hell of the North, fight to save USC bike shop, and don’t come back as Chinese bikeshare

It was a relatively quiet day in the bike world. So let’s get right to it.


So much for all that talk of Philippe Gilbert sweeping the Five Monuments; he’ll be skipping the famed Hell of the North this weekend, which makes it kind of hard to win.

Lance’s favorite dope doctor is convicted in an Italian court. And walks with an 18-month suspended sentence.

Cycling’s international governing body shifts focus and pledges to support all forms of bicycling, not just racing.



FOX-11 reports the petition to save Lil Bill’s bike shop on the USC campus now has over 5,000 signatures. As of this writing, it’s reached nearly six times the original goal of 1,000 signatures.

When is a bike lane not a bike lane? When it’s blocked by construction signs.

Parklets are finally coming to Santa Monica, even if some residents don’t get it.

Malibu city officials discuss the proposals in the city’s PCH parking study, which is designed to improve safety for everyone by addressing the problems caused by haphazard parking on the coast highway.

It’s been too long since we’ve heard from LA Bike Dad, who crashed the marathon with kid in tow. And decries the lack of human space on our streets.



A San Diego man faces charges for a campaign of attacks on homeless people, including hitting two men in the back of their head while riding his bicycle.

A driver in San Luis Obispo was blinded by the sun as he tried to make a left turn, but did it anyway, oblivious to the bicyclist directly in his path. If you can’t see, don’t go. Is that really so hard to understand?

The third annual L’Eroica vintage bike fest will take place in Paso Robles this weekend.

A bighearted Fresno kid earned a new bike by getting good grades in school. Then immediately gave it to his friend, who didn’t have one.

The Youth Cycling Alliance is working with UC Berkeley to map and assess youth bicycling groups around the country to encourage more young people to ride.



Something our president and I can agree on: support for the Wounded Warrior Project.

GQ offers advice on how to properly warm up for a bike ride. Or you could just do what most people do, and just get on your bike and start pedaling.

Bicycling looks at the anti-bike Montana state senator and his hare-brained proposal to charge out-of-state bicyclists a $25 fee to ride Montana roadways, while noting he was fined for an ethics violation, and his wife was convicted of embezzling $20,000 from her own mother.

Life is cheap in Colorado, where an allegedly high driver gets off with just 150 days behind bars for killing an eight-year old girl as she rode her bike in a crosswalk with her stepfather.

A Minneapolis website looks at the award-winning Prince tribute bicycle.

New York police are doing their best to discourage bicycling by issuing riders bogus tickets, including for not wearing a helmet. Which isn’t against the law in that state unless you’re under 14.

It’s not just bike riders who are imperiled by trail-sabotaging terrorists. Megan Lynch forwards news that a North Carolina runner’s foot was impaled by a four-inch nail pounded into a tree root back in February, one of 40 found on the trail.



“Do you know what time it is?” “No.” “Time to steal your bike.” Seriously, there’s a special place in hell for anyone who’d threaten violence to steal a 12-year old Vancouver boy’s bicycle.

Canadian veterans will ride nearly 400 miles through Europe this summer to combat PTSD.

A Canadian cop says bike owners need to take responsibility for protecting their bikes by buying a good lock and recording the serial number of the bike. And register it!

The Telegraph asks if riding along the banks of the Danube is the world’s most relaxing cycling holiday.

The joys of bicycling around the German Bodensee and bathing naked with strangers after dark.

Who needs a battery when your cargo bike has a German-made fuel cell?

An Aussie website says plans for a Melbourne veloway look good, but there’s room for improvement.

Malaysian teenagers “repent” after eight late night bike riders where killed when a driver slammed into them earlier this year, while the story notes that not all “bike gangs” are bad.



A burglar cleverly disguises himself as a bicyclist by riding a bicycle. The next time you’re reincarnated, don’t come back as a Chinese bikeshare bike.

And a Formula 1 race car driver is busted for speeding.

On a bicycle.

In a triathlon.


Morning Links: Another successful CicLAvia, riding the KY Bourbon Country, and all the bike news that fits

LA hosted another successful CicLAvia on Sunday, where a good time was reportedly had by all, or nearly all, anyway, at the 20th edition of what is arguably the country’s most successful open streets festival.

According to a report on KNBC-4 that doesn’t appear to be online yet, the crowd was estimated at 50,000 people. Which sounds like yet another in a long line of chronic attendance undercounts, as people come and go throughout the day.

But does anyone really believe San Antonio drew more people to their ciclovía than LA did?


What could be better than a three day ride through the Kentucky Bourbon Country — complete with samples at the end of the day?


Three cyclists and a race marshal were injured, two seriously, when a car stopped around a blind curve during a German bike race and the riders reportedly slammed into the back of it. Thanks to Erik Griswold for the tip.

The cobbles belong to Belgian Olympic champ Greg Van Avermaet this year. Cycling Weekly offers five things they learned from his victory in Sunday’s Gent-Wevelgem, while Finland’s Lotta Lepistö was two for two on the women’s side this week.

Spain’s Alejandro Valverde won his second Tour of Catalonia on Sunday, as countryman Alberto Contador took second.

Former Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins says his testimony in a British doping investigation will shock a few people. At this point, the only that that would really shock anyone would be if there wasn’t any.

That’s one way to keep your kid home. Italian cycling great Mario Cipollini’s mom cut his bike in half to keep him from riding off when he was six years old. Apparently, it didn’t stop him.

Team Rwanda Cycling technical director Jock Boyer says his goal is to make the country an elite cycling nation. Boyer was the first American to ride in the Tour de France; he also convicted of molesting an eleven-year old girl for three years.



Metro is asking for comments on their newly released guidelines on how to spend Measure M money; Streetsblog says cities are already jockeying for funding. My suggestion: Invest in transit and Complete Streets, and don’t waste a dime on demand-inducing highway projects, like the failed widening of the 405 through the Sepulveda Pass.

Speaking of Measure M and Complete Streets, you’re urged to attend Wednesday’s meeting of the city council Transportation Committee to call for LA to spend its share of the funds to make the streets safer for everyone.

Venice-based Solé Bicycles is opening a new bike shop near USC, intending it to be a gathering place for students. But that means a small on-campus bike shop will get the boot.



This is why you didn’t want to ride in Bolsa Chico State Park on Saturday.

The Tour de Palm Springs will stay in Palm Springs after Palm Desert agrees to host the ride, but not the name.

Cyclocross Magazine looks back at last year’s classic bicycle L’Eroica California in Los Robles; this year’s ride rolls April 8th and 9th.

The San Jose Mercury News says ebikes are catching on with the public; a 79-year old Aussie e-trike rider would agree.

Who says cyclists aren’t tough? A Stockton man continued riding home after hearing a loud pop, not realizing he’d been shot.

A Lake Tahoe advocacy group says it’s great that there are more bikeways in the area, but a map so they could actually find them might help.



Wired says the way to get commuters out of their cars is to pay them not to park them.

If bicycling isn’t enough fun, you can always turn it into an augmented reality game and deduct points for scofflaw cyclists.

Riding across the US is one thing; riding from San Diego to San Francisco the long way is another. A Kansas City man plans to ride 7,000 miles on a route that will take him to the Bay Area by way of Georgia, the Great Lakes and Oregon, to raise funds for victims and survivors of sex trafficking.

Seattle is finally getting around to cleaning up a homeless encampment encroaching on a bike path after a woman is attacked.

The president of USA Cycling writes to rebut the Montana senator who wants to ban cyclists from state roads.

It takes a special kind of asshole to steal a 13-year old autistic Albuquerque kid’s therapy bike.

Country singer Clay Walker is sort of one of us, hosting a Houston TX bike ride to fight MS.

A Houston Op-Ed says to function efficiently, roads must work for all users.

A horrifying story from Texas, as a San Antonio driver is under arrest for fleeing on foot after fatally running down a bike rider participating in an MS fundraising ride, then hitting and killing another rider just 80 yards down the road; as a third rider had to dive into a ditch to get away from him. Thanks to Steve Katz for the heads-up.

A Chicago study shows red light cameras really do improve safety. They were removed in Los Angeles when motorists argued they caused wrecks by making drivers actually stop for red lights.

A New York man was finally arrested nine months after he allegedly ran down a cyclist and fled the scene, then claimed his car had been stolen.

For some bizarre reason, ebikes are banned under New York state law, and NYC cops seem more than happy to confiscate them.

Caught on video: A bike cop throws his bicycle at an anti-Trump protester in Philadelphia.

An Op-Ed in the Washington Post says if car drivers made cyclists feel safer, we’d all be better off.

In a bizarre case, a Virginia man was convicted of pulling a gun off his bike frame and shooting a little twelve-pound terrier he claimed was viscously attacking him and left him in fear for his life. Because so many little ankle-biters have been known to leap up and rip the lungs out of passing cyclists, evidently.



Bike Radar offers advice on how to care for your next cut or road rash, while a Canadian cycling site offers advice on how to keep riding when you’re expecting.

David Beckham is a proud father, as his 5-1/2-year old daughter is now one of us, too.

The release of a British strategy to double biking and walking rates has been delayed due to last week’s London terrorist attack.

English police are looking for a bike-riding purse snatcher who left a woman in her seventies with two black eyes and a broken arm.

An Indian woman quit her job to ride across the country calling for gender equality.

A New Zealand study shows bicycling is no more dangerous than many other recreational activities, and safer than many. But fear of the perceived danger still keeps many people from riding.

Yes, cyclists are welcome on a Kiwi walkway. Not so fast, you mountain bike riders.

A Hong Kong clean air group says it’s time for the island to stop paying lip service to bicycling projects and get serious. The same could be said for Los Angeles — and most other American cities.



First step as a secret KGB agent embedded in America — become a bike messenger. If you have to crash your car, always blame Bigfoot.

And maybe you need an overdose of cuteness to get you out of your post-CicLAvia Monday morning funk.

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