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Morning Links: Buffered bike lanes on Van Nuys, Arroyo Seco goes au naturel, and Bike Monkeys in Santa Barbara

Before we start, I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving, however you spend it.

There’s a lot I’m thankful for this year. But as always, at the top of my list is the gratitude I have for the readers of this site, and all those who support and contribute to it. It’s only because of you that I’m able to do what I love, and continue this conversation we started nearly nine years ago.

So thank you, sincerely.



LA’s Council District 7 celebrates the official unveiling of new buffered bike lanes on Van Nuys Blvd in Pacoima.

The principal of Hollywood High proposes paying for books by installing a digital billboard at one of the city’s most dangerous intersections, where 10 bike riders have already been struck by cars. After all, what’s one more distraction for LA drivers, right?

The LA River may not be the only local stream to be restored by the Army Corps of Engineers, as plans are announced to return the Arroyo Seco to a natural, free-flowing state.

Santa Monica will host the free Electric Bike Expo December 2nd through 4th at the Santa Monica Pier.

Next month’s LACBC Sunday Funday ride will celebrate LA’s remarkable religious diversity. A nice gesture in these troubled times.



OC cyclists are invited to burn off all that Thanksgiving stuffing at the 13th Tour de Tryptophan in Fullerton this Friday.

An accused distracted driver should learn her fate today for the death of a little girl and injuring another, after she drifted through a buffered San Diego bike lane and jumped the curb to strike them both earlier this year.

Santa Barbara’s Bike Monkeys keep 200 middle school students rolling on their school’s annual bike trips.

Bicycling Monterey reminds us that bike riders have a lot to be thankful for.

Palo Alto considers giving up police radar in order to avoid raising speed limits under the deadly 85th percentile rule.

Five-time Olympic swimming champ Katie Ledecky is one of us, as she learned to ride a bike before going to Stanford, where freshmen students are not allowed to have cars; she also assembled bicycles for Bikes for the World while in high school.

It takes a real jerk to steal nine bikes worth up to $2,000 each from the Napa High School Cycling Club.

The Davis bike and pedestrian coordinator offers tips on how to safely share a multi-use path.



The Vision Zero Network looks back at Sunday’s World Day of Remembrance for traffic victims. Speaking of which, the organization is looking for a new Policy & Communications Director.

Cyclelicious reminds us that your favorite bike kit may have contributed to help Make America Great Again, since many of the top performance fabrics are owned by the conservative Koch Brothers. Which means if you want to boycott them, you may have to ride naked.

No bias here. After a transgendered woman wins an Arizona bike race, a right wing website complains about how unfair it is to make women compete against a “biological male.”

A new Tucson AZ foundation is devoted to supporting low-income female professional cyclists. Which would be most of them, unfortunately.

A Wyoming cyclist raises over $20,000 for charity by riding from Cheyenne to Orlando, FL.

A Texas cyclist becomes the first woman to ride a penny-farthing across the US.

Bighearted Missouri residents band together to buy a new customized bike for a special needs boy after his was stolen, replacing it before he even knew it was missing.

Sad news from Detroit, where a police officer was shot by a bike rider after he stopped the cyclist; the five year veteran is in critical condition.

Upstate New York officials force the family of a fallen cyclist to move his ghost bike because it was a whole three feet too close to the roadway.

A Savannah GA website says the city is becoming a destination for high-end bike tourism, but it’s going the wrong way when it comes to bike friendliness. Meanwhile, when a cyclist was struck head-on by a hit-and-run driver who drifted onto the wrong side of the road, a local paper somehow felt the need to remind cyclists they have to obey the law, too.



A British Columbia letter writer says don’t lower speed limits when there’s no alternative to driving; build sidewalks and bike paths instead.

Caught on video: A Brit bike rider captures a first-hand view of crashing into the turning car that cut him off, with his bike spinning in the air as he falls to the ground and the driver speeds away. Yet the newspaper still asks readers who was to blame. Seriously?

London’s deputy mayor for transport says the city’s new mayor is on the side of cyclists, and is committed to being the most bicycle-friendly mayor the city has ever had. Then again, it’s not a cycle superhighway if no one bothers to maintain it.

A British investigative news site reports dozens of people convicted of dangerous driving have walked free, while no one in the UK has received the maximum sentence for the crime.

A 16-year old cyclist from the UK continues to rise despite being diagnosed with diabetes three years ago; he’s received an offer to ride for the all-type 1 Team Novo Nordisk next year.

More absurdly misdesigned bikeways from the United Kingdom.

Spend your next vacation on a wildlife bike safari in Tanzania.

An Aussie coroner calls for a safe-life limit on bike parts, after a cyclist died when the carbon fork on his bike collapsed due to an undetectable flaw in the steering tube, even though his $4,000 Trek was only nine years old.



Why use your hand to draw a turkey when you can use a bike? It’s one thing to keep your eye on the ball; another to carry it on your head for 64 miles.

And instead of the usual call for bicyclists to have licenses, maybe we should insist drivers do.


holiday-fund-drive-with-type-2Come back over the holiday weekend, when we may have a guest post or two, and possibly a update for the weekend.

And save the spare change from all your shopping for the return of the BikinginLA Holiday Fund Drive starting this Friday, to help keep SoCal’s best source for bike news coming your way every day.

Now get out and ride your bike. And stay safe out there.

Morning Links: New signs for unclear cops, a Lankershim Great Streets pop-up, and Paris Seine traffic goes “poof”

Thankfully, we have a little lighter news day today after yesterday’s massive post. So put your feet up, relax a little, then get out on your bike.

Or better yet, get out again, if you already did.



LA tries out a new sign on the Sunset Blvd/Cesar Chavez Ave bus lane reading Buses Bikes & Right Turns Only, after an LA Country sheriff’s deputy told a bike rider he couldn’t use a bus only lane on Wilshire Blvd despite being directly under a sign reading “Bikes Okay.”

A new movie refutes the myth that nobody walks, bikes or uses transit in LA.

CiclaValley asks you to come out for the Lankershim Blvd Community Pop Up and bike ride on December 3rd, part of the mayor’s Great Streets initiative. The street was supposed to have bike lanes by now, but they were blocked by former councilmember Tom LaBonge, who preferred to keep the street less than great.

Despite the misleading headline, Burbank expects to finish construction of a new bikeway along the Western Flood Channel by summer of 2018; work won’t even begin until the end of next year.



Hesperia residents tell the city what they want, which includes bike lanes.

More bad news from Central California, as the CHP is looking for a hit-and-run driver after a cyclist was found lying in the roadway.

Kern County plans to use a $25,000 grant to educate people on bike and pedestrian safety. The question is whether they will use that money to tell the people how to avoid getting hit by cars, or tell the operators of the big, dangerous machines how to not run over innocent people.

A new Menlo Park program encourages residents to bike to shop through the end of the year.

San Francisco may allow ghosts bikes to remain for up to one year; meanwhile, the city plans to install parking protected bike lanes in the SoMa district. Which will hopefully result in fewer of the former.



According to the LA Times, infrastructure isn’t infrastructure in Trump’s new stimulus plan. And good luck getting bike paths built.

An Ohio driver will spend the next four years behind bars after killing a bike rider while high on coke, Fentanyl and morphine.

The 15-year old Baltimore boy who fatally stabbed a bike rider eleven times during a botched bike-jacking and robbery will be tried as a juvenile, while his slightly older co-defendants who didn’t hold the knife will face more time after being tried as adults.



Cycling Tips catches up with former world mountain bike champ Roland Green; the Canadian rider mysteriously disappeared in 2005 after a six-month suspension.

Canadian police bust eight bike thieves in just three days using a bait bike.

Ottawa, Canada went against the consultant’s recommendation in choosing a less-safe option for bike lanes in order to avoid inconveniencing motorists; three riders have already been hit by cars in the three weeks since they opened.

Toronto considers new rules allowing drivers to stop in separated bike lanes to load or unload someone with a disability.

London’s Evening Standard recommends the best nighttime views of the city as seen from a bicycle. Most of which I’m happy to say I’ve seen, though on foot rather than two wheels.

Britain’s treasurer reportedly offered to pay London’s mayor to rip out one of the city’s popular cycle superhighways that runs past the Parliament building. Apparently it’s not as popular with lawmakers and government officials as it is with people on bikes.

A writer for the Guardian says that maintaining the status quo on British streets may work great for motorists, but can force people to give up on riding and walking.

A member of an Irish cycling club will spend nine months behind bars after sexually assaulting an unconscious woman at the hotel they were staying in. Which hardly seems sufficient, but is better than his original sentence of nothing.

New Dutch rules will reclassify ebikes that can go up to 28 mph as mopeds, and require users to wear a special cross between a bike helmet and a motorcycle helmet. And since the new helmets won’t be available until February, owners will have to park their bikes until they are.

Berlin becomes the latest city to ban private cars from a major street; when Paris banned cars from the Right Bank of the Seine, half of the traffic simply disappeared instead of moving onto other streets.

Egyptian girls start a bicycling equality campaign to protest widespread intolerance and harassment of female riders.

According to the Guardian, Australia’s New South Wales government is winning its war on bicyclists, as draconian fines for minor offenses have driven riders back to their cars.

A 71-year old American cruise ship passenger has been killed in a collision with a truck while riding a bike in New Zealand.



Squirrels don’t get mad, they get even. Yes, sometimes even Campy and Shimano get it wrong.

And if a Wisconsin thief had just stayed on his bike, he might still be robbing banks today.


Morning Links: Riding from LAX to DTLA, bike helmets may be bad for jaws, and biking through blobs

I know it’s just Monday. And a short, holiday week at that.

But we’ve got a lot of ground to cover here. So grab the beverage of your choice, and let’s get started.


Gary Cziko offers bike cam video proof that it is possible to ride from LAX to DTLA without dying.

No, really.


Your helmet may protect your skull, but your jaw is another matter. A new research study shows that bike helmets can significantly increase the risk of mandibular fractures (pdf).

In other science news, silkworms fed graphene and carbon nanotubes produce a new fiber that is super strong, lightweight and conducts electricity, opening the door for a whole new class of high performance clothing that could prevent road rash or light up on its own.


Seattle advocates placed 240 white silhouettes on the streets to remember victims of traffic violence on Sunday’s World Day of Remembrance; members of the Massachusetts Vision Zero Coalition did the same in Boston.

New York bike advocates ride to honor fallen cyclists and call for better safety.


In a truly heartbreaking story, an Ohio Marine sergeant died last month from wounds he suffered eleven years earlier in Iraq; after his return he learned to ride a bike, despite being paralyzed and unable to speak.


Who’s faster? The mountain biker or the dog?

Then again, that depends on the mountain biker. And the dog.


Peloton tells the story of American Davis Phinney’s first stage win in the Tour de France in 1986.

A smashed face at last year’s Paris-Roubaix classic isn’t enough to keep Aussie cyclist Mitch Docker from trying again next year.

Evidently, quitting pro cycling is harder than it seems, as Ireland’s Martyn Irvine un-retires to compete again.

Nice gesture from Team Novo Nordisk’s Phil Sutherland by reaching out to a 12-year old Japanese boy with type 1 diabetes and riding with him the day before the all-diabetic team competed in the Japanese Cup.

Transgender cyclist Jillian Bearden took the women’s title at El Tour de Tucson, where the world’s fastest woman competed, as well.

Santa Cruz cyclists are excited to find Dutch pro cyclist Laurens ten Dam has moved to town, and turns out to be a regular, if somewhat superhuman, guy.



Los Angeles will hold meetings on December 6th and 13th to discuss plans for the LA River Valley Bikeway and Greenway Design Completion project, to fill in the missing 12.5 miles of the LA bike path in the San Fernando Valley between Vanalden Ave and Forest Lawn/Zoo Drive.

KPCC reports on the LACBC bike count showing a jump in bicycling on streets with new bike lanes, but an overall decline as the city has largely halted bike lane expansion.

Writing for Streetsblog, Jonathan Weiss says CD5 Councilmember Paul Koretz is quick to take credit for the Expo Line, but blames its problems on everyone else, including the needless one-mile gap in the Expo Line bikeway through Cheviot Hills.

CiclaValley writes about placing the ghost bike for 15-year old Saul Lopez in Pacoima last week.



Calbike petitions Caltrans to live up to changes in state law to eliminate Level of Service guidelines and make it easier to build better streets.

It was a bad weekend for cyclists in Central California; a bike rider was killed in Bakersfield when he allegedly rode into the side of a car, and a Santa Barbara rider was found dead after apparently suffering a medical emergency.

A Palo Alto man was arrested for using a circular saw to cut through a pair of Kryptonite bike locks to steal a bike from a train station in broad daylight.

Family members of traffic victims form a new Bay Area traffic safety group.

Sacramento tames a high speed, auto-centric street with a road diet, turning it into a more human-focused Complete Street.



It looks like conservative Fox News is getting on the road safety bandwagon, reporting that cyclists are at higher risk when intersections aren’t at right angles.

A Portland bike rider has started a petition to require all bikeshare users in the city to wear a helmet. Even though only one bikeshare rider has ever been killed in the US. And even though cities like Seattle, and Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia, that require helmet use have failing bikeshare systems.

A New Mexico father finally gets justice six years after his son was killed while riding his bicycle on a tribal reservation, as he was traveling across country to raise money for breast cancer research.

A new study shows bicycling contributes $1.6 billion to the Colorado economy, while nearly half of the state’s residents rode a bicycle last year. Which is a hell of a lot more than the highly touted revenue the state generates from legalizing dope.

Kindhearted Texas TV viewers pitch in to buy a disabled vet a new and better three-wheeled ebike after his was stolen last week.

Once again, a bike rider comes to the rescue, spotting a Wisconsin driver passed out on coke and Fentanyl with her four-year old in the car.

A Chicago alderman was seriously injured when debris got caught in his bike wheel and threw him over his handlebars. Correction: Make that a squirrel

A very forgiving Minneapolis bike rider feels sorry for the suicidal driver who ran him down after attempting to hang a toddler at a daycare center.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette checks in with Danny Chew, the city’s iconic cyclist who’s dream of riding one million miles came to an abrupt end when he was paralyzed from the waste down in a solo fall.

It’s not just LA. A New York Daily News editorial says that city is suffering from a hit-and-run epidemic, too.

A writer for the Washington Post says Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan is a trap.



How to ride on dirt and gravel.

A writer for Bike Radar says the world is a mess, but it’s also a beautiful place to explore on a bike.

London’s Telegraph takes a surprisingly even-handed look at how to improve bicycle safety.

No bias here. A British paper reports a bike rider rode up out of the blue to verbally abuse a driver and pound on her car for no apparent reason. Violence is never justified, except in self-defense. But chances are, the driver may have had something to do with the rider’s anger, valid or not.

A UK cyclist may admit to riding through red lights, but swears he won’t ride without lights at night.

Caught on video: a Brit thief lurks in the shadows before snatching a 14-year old paperboy’s bike.

Life is cheap in Scotland, where the death of a bike rider at the hands of a careless driver who claimed he didn’t even see the victim only merits the equivalent of an $800 fine — and not even the loss of his license. Saying you didn’t see the victim should be a confession, not an excuse.

Brussels takes the Idaho stop law a step further by allowing cyclists to ride through red and amber lights.

Spend your next vacation bikepacking in Mongolia.

Caught on video: Australians are calling for a car passenger to be prosecuted for smacking a cyclist on the ass. One more reason to have a rear-facing camera on your bike. So to speak.

You know your city sucks when a Tour de France winner in afraid to ride there; Cadel Evans says riding in Sydney, Australia is too intimidating.

A Bloomberg columnist says bikes are back in China due to worsening air pollution and road congestion.

A writer tries one of China’s bikesharing apps for a day, and concludes that people are assholes.

Singapore attempts to improve safety by recruiting 200 bicycle ambassadors to teach safe cycling and bike etiquette in local neighborhoods.



It’s not usual to encounter obstacles in a time trial; a full-blown police chase on the other hand, not so much. LA drivers are bad enough; but at least we don’t have to worry about emu attacks. Or coyotes, for that matter.

And when there’s a potentially toxic foam spill, the obvious thing is to ride your bike through it.

Morning Links: Westwood Great Street needs bike lanes, and Pasadena approves Union Street cycle track

It’s a light news day, thanks to yesterday’s election. So give this a quick read, then get out on your bike and keep riding until you work all the stress and anger out.

Which in my case, may take months.


A pair of UCLA deans team up to explain why Westwood Blvd should be a Great Street with bike lanes.

They make a great case.

Unfortunately, it comes several months too late to keep the lanes in the city’s mobility plan.


Pasadena approves funding for the Union Street road diet and cycle track, despite concerns over outreach and the effect it will have on the disabled.

Although it’s hard to imagine that disabled people are better off negotiating a wide, high speed street than one that’s narrower and easy to cross.


The French are taking UCI to court over changes to the WorldTour calendar.

A British amateur cyclist banned for doping last year finally admits his guilt and regrets.



Police identify the victim of Sunday’s bizarre Van Nuys road rage carjacking and murder, which started as an apparent road rage dispute between the driver and a man on a bike.

CiclaValley says Sunday’s Phil’s Fondo was phun. Phonetic pun not my phault.

Santa Monica’s Breeze bikeshare celebrates its first anniversary on Saturday with an open house and free rides.

A writer for the Press-Telegram says car crashes run in the family. Actually, that seems to be true for most families these days.



California voted on eleven transportation measures yesterday, with $8.3 billion earmarked for bicycling projects.

The body of Menifee man who appeared to have been dead for some time was found in the bushes along a roadway, with a bicycle nearby; it could be a local man who disappeared 13 days ago. However, there’s no confirmation at this time that the bike was his, or that he was riding at the time of his death.

Clovis proposes adding bike lanes and pedestrian walkways to the city’s Old Town area.



A media writer says Donald Trump needs to get back into the bike race business, while Vice President-elect Mike Pence bikes the vote. Although it looks like Trump will be otherwise occupied for the next four years.

A writer for a Wisconsin paper urges mothers not to ride a bike with a baby on board, and wear a damn helmet while you’re at it. Better yet, just wrap the kid in bubble wrap, and don’t let them out of the house until they’re 18.

The four survivors of the Kalamazoo massacre are expected to testify in the trial of the allegedly stoned driver who hit them and killed five others.

Volunteers clear debris left over from Hurricane Matthew from Savannah bike lanes.



Caught on video: Mountain biking through the challenging streets of Taxco, Mexico.

A Canadian paper fills in the backstory on an Ontario man popularly known as The Bike Man, who passed away at 90 recently.

Hundreds of London bicyclists stage a die-in outside the mayor’s office to demand safer streets.

A UK bike site asks if ‘cross is the future of cycling.

Caught on video too: A fan filming the action nearly gets taken out by a Belgian cyclocross crash.

It turns out Amsterdam has the slowest bike paths in the Netherlands, while Utrecht has the fastest.

Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor is one of us, as he takes fans on a musical ride to promote his new film.

A photographer captures Hanoi’s bike-born street vendors from above, turning their massive loads into art.



Now you can virtually ride across Canada on a stationary bike, which could be good practice if we all decide to move there. Your next bike could be a functional synthesizer.

And if you’re not racing, you don’t need to be aero.


Morning Links: More on Measure M, Bouquet Canyon closed until April, and a pair of tough young cyclists


The LA Times lays out Metro’s transportation battle plan if Measure M passes, and if it doesn’t. Hint: We’ll all be better off if it does.

Here’s another reason to vote for Measure M: The half-cent sales tax increase could be used to fix the roads in the LA area, which are rated the second worst in the US. And bad roads affect people on two wheels more than those on four.

Glendale kicks off a new bike and pedestrian safety campaign timed for the end of Daylight Savings Time. And no, we are not impressed.

Bike SGV is hosting a free learn to bike class from 9 to 11 am this Saturday, although the date and time are missing from the page.

CiclaValley writes that the popular Bouquet Canyon riding route will be closed until April to protect from flooding.



The CTC proposes over $23 million in funding for the CV Link multi-use path circling the Coachella Valley, despite rejection of the proposed route by Rancho Mirage and opposition in Indian Wells.

A Redlands couple riding around the US on a tandem bike fell short of their nearly 10,000 mile goal when their bike was struck by a distracted driver in Kingman AZ; fortunately, both only suffered minor injuries. You have to be pretty damn distracted not to see two people on a bicycle directly in front of you.

A San Francisco bicyclist suffered life threatening injuries in a collision caused by someone running a red light; police hope to find security video and talk to the rider when his condition improves to determine who was at fault.

A Bay Area website recommends a scenic, 25-mile loop around Stinson Beach, offering 3,000 feet of climbing and thrilling descents.



People for Bikes says bicycles belong on main streets, not side streets, so people can use them for utilitarian errands rather than just riding to work.

An Oregon paramedic says we all have to try harder to make sure everyone gets home safely.

Utah installs signage for two US Bicycle Routes across the southern portion of the state.

A terminally ill Colorado man is going out on his own terms by starting his own Hospice Racing team after entering hospice care.

A Chicago entrepreneur is proposing a floating bike lane over the city’s eponymous river.

The Department of DIY has opened a branch in Cambridge MA, where cyclists are responding to the death of a fellow rider by crowdfunding their own posts to create a guerilla protected bike lane.

Ride your bicycle through 400 years of history on the 52-mile Virginia Capital Trail.



A skill every bike rider should master: How to correctly wear a cycling cap. Personally, I still prefer the cap on backwards with the bill turned up.

An Italian prince was killed in a London collision when he tried to overtake a truck, whose driver was unable to see his bike because the steering wheel was on the wrong side — the equivalent of a right-hand drive truck on US roads; the victim was heir to a Florence noble family dating back to the Middle Ages.

London’s former cycling commissioner says the city’s new mayor must do much more to show a commitment to bicycling.

Anti-bike terrorists strike in the UK, where someone booby trapped a bike trail with wooden spikes that could have seriously injured someone. Or worse.

The historic island state of Malta is getting its first bikeshare system, with 53 stations serving a population of 400,000.

An Aussie paper says “lunatic” bicycle food couriers are “dicing with death” by illegally riding through some of Sydney’s busiest highway tunnels. Although there is another side to the bike delivery question.

A new Australian report calls for simplifying intersections and reducing speed limits to reduce crashes by elderly drivers.



If you want to sail, get a bike. Evidently, fleeing from police is hungry work.

And this may be the toughest bike rider you see today.

Unless maybe it’s this tiny salmon cyclist.


Morning Links: UCLA bikeshare may be doomed, sleep bike riding in the UK, and riding a wave on two wheels

It’s a surprisingly light news day after last weekend’s massive post. So take a few minutes to read today’s post, then get out on your bike and enjoy the cool fall weather.



A writer for UCLA’s Daily Bruin says the hilly terrain on campus and the lack of safe infrastructure in Westwood could doom the university’s bikeshare system before it starts. You can thank Councilmember Paul Koretz for the lack of bike lanes off campus.



Victorville cyclists honor a pair of fallen bicyclists at the second annual Victor Valley Bicycle Tour.

Around 850 bicyclists took part in Sunday’s SLO Gran Fondo along California’s Central Coast.

A Fresno bike rider was critically injured in a collision at an intersection after allegedly riding though a red light. Somehow, bicyclists always seems to be the ones at fault when they’re no longer around around to tell their side of the story.



Men’s Journal explains everything you need to know about Everesting, which is repeatedly riding uphill until you reach the equivalent distance of climbing Mt. Everest. Sherpas optional.

Once again, authorities manage to keep a dangerous driver on the road until it’s too late. A Portland driver killed a cyclist after being convicted of 31 driving infractions, including one count of hit-and-run and eleven convictions for driving with a suspended license. Yet somehow, he was still able to remain behind the wheel until he killed someone.

Sad news from Colorado, as a cancer-stricken dog riding across the US with his owner has died, just days after the Marine veteran’s specialized bicycle was stolen; he set off on the cross-country trip to ensure that the dog’s last days would be her happiest.

A Minnesota newsman goes riding with a group of fourth and fifth graders, part of a program to empower kids by getting them out on bicycles for a couple hours after school, rain or shine.

Kindhearted Columbus OH cops take time to fix a little boys bike after responding to another call.



London cyclists will hold a die-in tonight to protest the death of yet another bike rider killed by a large truck.

A Cambridge traffic planner argues for getting away from distinctions between types of cyclists, saying there’s only one type of person who rides a bike — someone who wants to get from A to B, regardless of how fast or slow they may go.

A British website suggests eleven ways to stay safe when riding this winter.

A Englishman can thank a man out for a run for saving his life after he suffered a heart attack while riding his bike. Meanwhile, a London air ambulance crew saved the life of another rider by preforming a rare heart procedure on the side of the roadway.

In a truly bizarre case from the UK, a retired postman may have been riding his bicycle in his sleep when he rode into a river and drowned.

A French police agency says bike riders are at fault in half of all bicycling collisions, and points the finger at “inconsiderate” riders. Does mean inconsiderate drivers are responsible for the other half?

A Kiwi writer says it’s time to cut bike riders some slack, because we help drivers more than we hold them up. Despite the prime minister’s son’s idiotic assertion that “real men ride women,” not bicycles.

An Aussie Vietnam War vet is nearing the end of a one-legged, 10,000 kilometer ride from Hanoi to Sydney — the equivalent of 6,214 miles — to call attention to veteran suicide and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Singapore cyclists are modifying their ebikes to turn them into virtual motorcycles. And at least one British rider did, too.



Caught on video: It’s one thing to wave while you ride, another to get carried away by one. When your costume comes from Stranger Things, a bicycle is mandatory.

And your next bicycle could have a four stroke, multispeed gas engine.

Or maybe not.

Morning Links: Trader Joes worker back at work after bad bike wreck; Iranian Paralympian cyclist killed in road race

My apologies. We haven’t been able to correct the problem with email notifications yet. So if you’re not getting emails when new posts go up, rest assured we’re working on it.

And just keep coming back each day until we get it corrected.


Good news from Silver Lake.

Egee Marbolis, the popular parking lot attendant for the local Trader Joes, is back at work ten months after suffering a broken back when his front fork collapsed.


Sad news from Rio, as 48-year old Iranian Paralympic cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad was killed in a solo fall when he lost control on a descent and hit a fence during the road race for cyclists with limb impairments.

He’s the first Paralympic athlete to die during competition. An investigation has been launched into the crash.

Thanks to Megan Lynch for the link.


Two-time US champ and women’s Giro winner Mara Abbott calls it a career.

World Champion Peter Sagan can now add European champ to his list of accomplishments this year.

Former pro Ivan Basso is enjoying life out of the saddle as he moves to a new team to support Alberto Contador.

And British world champ Lizzie Armistead was late to her own wedding to another pro cyclist when her driver was delayed by a slow moving bike rider, and didn’t want to squeeze past on the narrow roadway.



This weekend’s Malibu Triathlon raised over $1,226,000 for the Pediatric Cancer Research Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The Long Beach Press-Telegram talks with 16-year old Ivan Schmidt about why he rode 1,800 miles from British Columbia to Mexico to create awareness for rheumatoid arthritis.



Someone broke a window at Costa Mesa’s Cyclist Bike Shop and made off with two Specialized bikes worth six grand.

The Victor Valley Velo club rode in memory of a fellow cyclist on Sunday after she jumped to her death off an Ontario overpass. No matter what’s going on in your life, there are people who care; reach out to someone for help before you do anything that can’t be undone. Please.



Former Bicycling editor-in-chief Peter Flax writes that dump trucks seem to have priority over bicycles in North American cities, and saving lives should mean more than maximizing truckers’ productivity.

A new Kevlar-reinforced lock from a Portland company currently raising funds on Kickstarter promises to be flexible and lightweight, yet strong enough to withstand bolt and wire cutters.

Chicago Cubs 2nd baseman Ben Zobrist rides to home games on his cruiser bike, in full uniform. So much for all those people who say you can’t commute by bike in your work clothes. Thanks to Todd Munson for the heads-up.

One hundred Louisville KY kids got new bicycles in honor of Muhammad Ali, whose boxing career started after his own bicycle was stolen.

A New York Post columnist confesses to taking the law into his own hands and assaulting a bike delivery man for the crime of running a red light.

Former Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade rode with members of the city’s police department to promote unity in the community.



Just weeks after Virgin owner Richard Branson survived a bad bicycling crash, his son suffered road rash after hitting oil on a charity ride, along with several other riders.

London charity groups are reconditioning abandoned bikes to give to refugees and asylum seekers, and offering workshops to give them basic maintenance and riding skills.

A British cyclist has found it much harder than expected to break the 77-year old women’s year record; she still has 8,000 miles to go in the next three months.

Bicycling is the new drug of choice for former Hong Kong addicts.



If you’re going to get drunk and steal a pink kid’s bike, don’t ride salmon and lightless — although leaving the training wheels on was probably a good idea. If your only riding attire is a helmet and a shirt wrapped around your face, you’re probably doing it wrong.

And evidently, you don’t need a bicycle to join in on a club ride.

Morning Links: Reactions to the jump in traffic deaths, NIMBYs don’t give a rat’s ass, and hanging out with JT

Today’s common theme: the spike in traffic fatalities, and what to do about it.

NACTO says the spike in traffic deaths last year is a call to action.

Curbed’s Alissa Walker says traffic deaths will continue to rise until cities prioritize humans over cars. Which is exactly the argument I’ve been making.

City Lab writes the problem with Vision Zero is the need for increased enforcement while communities of color are already reeling from it; the story cites the LACBC’s Tamika Butler as an example of being stopped for driving while black.



Cycling in the South Bay’s Seth Davidson says, despite their protestations, Palos Verdes NIMBYs don’t give a rat’s ass about the safety of cyclists. But they’re welcome to prove him wrong by attending the free Cycling Savvy course next month.

Santa Monica’s California Incline is now officially open; pedestrians and bicyclists had full use of the roadway for four hours before it officially opened.

CiclaValley goes riding in the Sierras and hangs out with Justin Timberlake. Best wishes to his mom; good to know she’s going to be okay.



More Coronado madness, as a woman is revolted by the idea of a bike/ped path on the Coronado Bridge, and expects little kids to hold their line when biking to school.

The area’s first separated bike lanes come to Palo Alto and Menlo Park, with others coming soon.

San Francisco’s new protected intersection will be just the fifth in the US.

A Petaluma man donates 23 bicycles to help victims of the recent Clayton fire in Lake County.

Chico police recover four suspected stolen bikes from homeless camps; two that had been reported stolen were returned to their owners on the spot, while the others were booked as unclaimed property. Always report a stolen bike to the police; one of their biggest complaints is the number of bikes that can’t be returned to their owners because they were ever reported stolen.



Outside takes an in-depth look at the real life Seattle anti-bike theft non-caped crusader.

A writer says riding a bicycle has made him a better runner.

Prohibited from driving due to poor eyesight, a BYU instructor is able to get around thanks to his e-bike.

Bad news struck close to home at the Denver Post, as a reporter with the paper was killed by a suspected drunk driver while riding or walking her bike in a crosswalk.

The Chicago Tribune urges cyclists to ride defensively, and drivers to be watchful and slow down, because the city’s streets aren’t a motorist vs. bicyclist Thunderdome.

A 99-year old member of the Bicycling Hall of Fame passed away in a Chicago suburb last week, five years after her last ride, and 87 years after she bought her first bicycle.

A Connecticut community comes together to replace a boy’s stolen bike.

The NYPD blames a salmon cyclist for a fatal collision, even though the driver was speeding. Yes the cyclist was in the wrong, but the driver should share the blame; if he hadn’t been speeding it’s possible he could have avoided the crash or the victim might have survived the impact.



Sales of MIPS helmets are booming; they’re designed to reduce the risk of concussion and rotational injuries in a crash.

Canada is nearing completion of a nearly 13,000 mile-long bike path crossing from Nova Scotia to Vancouver and up to the Yukon.

London’s mayor gives the okay to complete a north – south cycle superhighway through the city.

A bike-riding writer for London’s Evening Standard wonders why bicyclists make some drivers boil with rage. Good question; I suspect we’re just easy targets for people who are already pissed off.

A British website offers a complete guide to biking to work.

Horrifying assault in the UK, as a gang of bike-riding teenage hooligans beat a Polish immigrant to death after hearing him speak in his native tongue. This is the legacy of all the hate spilled in the recent Brexit campaign.

Police urge people to report “antisocial behavior” after a Brit mountain bike was badly injured when someone booby trapped a popular offroad trail. If someone caused a wreck by sabotaging a traffic lane, they’d call him a terrorist, not merely antisocial.

A Scottish company is introducing a device to automatically lube your chain while you ride, claiming it can result in a net gain of 12 watts.

Japanese authorities credit new laws requiring scofflaw cyclists to take three hour safety lectures with a 14.7% drop in bicycling fatalities.



Once the machete comes out, it’s time to give up your bike. Evidently, the loss of just four parking spaces in exchange for a bikeshare dock constitutes a disaster of unmitigated proportions.

And now you can own your very own two-wheeled Aston Martin, as long as you have a spare $17,007 lying around.


Morning Links: Fundraiser for Joe4CD1, traveling LA by bike and Metro, and taking auto-eroticism a tad too literally

Josef Bray-Ali, who’s taking on anti-bike incumbent Gil Cedillo in the race for Los Angeles’ 1st Council District, is hosting a fundraiser at NELA’s Café de Leche on Sunday.


Wired looks at the physics of Olympic BMX, while the US took a different approach to training for the BMX events this year.

A Dutch rider managed to qualify for the next round despite smashing his bike on the BMX course and carrying it across the finish line.

Velonews says the Olympics have forced mountain biking into shorter race formats, which one rider describes as more like a long BMX race.

Colorado considers creating a major event to replace the USA Pro Challenge, which went belly up after six years of bringing top pro cyclists to the state.

Outside examines how to motor dope your own bike, while Cycling Weekly looks at what it’s like to ride one.

And a Russian soccer player insists all cyclists dope, saying cycling is “simply impossible without doping.”



An administrator for a Century City financial management firm touts the benefits of Santa Monica’s Breeze bikeshare.

When a Chatsworth actor’s car needed major repairs, he took to his bike and Metro. And found he actually liked being able to get around the city without a car, especially for the senior off-peak rate of just 35¢.

Cycling in the South Bay’s Seth Davidson says his heroes are the ones who show up for meetings about bike safety.

Sheriff’s deputies are looking for a serial bike-riding groper in Cerritos.

The Long Beach Gazettes looks at the new parking protected bike lanes on Artesia Blvd in North Long Beach. But why, pray tell, did they file it under “Entertainment?”



Good news from Salinas, as a teenager who was broadsided by a car is recovering from serious injuries.

Bad news from Palo Alto, as a 73-year old bike rider was killed after allegedly running a stop sign. Funny how often bicyclists are blamed for crashes when they aren’t around to tell their side of the story.

San Francisco advocates fight the removal of ghost bikes; city policy calls for any memorial to be removed after just two weeks.

A candidate for the San Francisco board of supervisors responds to a fellow candidate’s call to register bikes and license their riders, saying bike licenses make good crankbait, but bad policy. Is it too late to move to the Bay just so we can all vote for him?

San Francisco launches a pair of 15-second radio spots promoting the Vision Zero program in English and Spanish, without really saying anything.



A writer for science website PLOS examines the problems with painted bike lanes that are squeezed onto the side of the road, saying if a car can park there it’s not a bike lane, it’s just the side of the road.

A writer for a left-leaning website goes on an extensive anti-mountain bike diatribe, insisting they have no place in national parks, and are “inbred with a culture of lawlessness and aggression.” And we all know inbreeding is a bad thing, right?

Bike lawyer Bob Mionske calls on bike riders to show a little courtesy to other users on multi-use paths, noting that the way we treat pedestrians could influence the way they treat us when they get behind the wheel.

Life is cheap in Alaska, where a young woman was released after spending just 74 days behind bars for running down a cyclist and leaving him to die in the street, after a night of partying.

A Colorado letter writer points out that it’s not just bike riders who break the law, noting how rare it is to see a motorist who’s not illegally putting others at risk in some way.

Football players at a Texas university tackle a bike thief — literally — as he was riding off with a super fan’s bicycle.

An Illinois shop owner calls for action after his wife was killed in a collision with a bike rider as she stepped out of a restaurant. We all have an obligation to ride safely around pedestrians. But instead of calling for enforcement to keep cyclists off the sidewalk, why not call for making the streets safer so people on bikes don’t feel compelled to ride there?

The Chicago Tribune harvests honey with the city’s bicycling beekeeper.

In the wake of the Kalamazoo massacre, city officials consider a three-foot passing law. Which would have done nothing to prevent the drunk and stoned driver from plowing into any of the nine victims.

A New York actress was barred from driving in the state after killing a cyclist while driving distracted last year, even though a botched police investigation allowed her to escape charges. However, she can still drive in New Jersey, where she holds her license, despite four previous moving violations.

Virginia Tech researchers work on creating a rating system for bike helmets.

Atlanta cyclists let their money do the talking by holding a cash mob event to call for protected bike lanes and demonstrate that bike riders make good customers.

A former Air Force colonel is riding 2,500 miles down the East Coast to raise funds for families of fallen soldiers.



The World Health Organization has named former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg global ambassador for road safety, with a portfolio that includes preventing deaths from traffic collisions.

A British TV sports reporter is in a coma after contracting a rare form of malaria while bicycling 3,000 miles on a charity bike ride from London to Rio.

An author says the bicycle has become a tool for radical activism in Afghanistan, as he flies into the country to photograph the women’s national cycling team.

The Wall Street Journal says a luxury cycling tour of Japan with a pro racer as your guide will make you a better rider.

Take a bike tour of the remote Ha Giang region of Vietnam, which was recently opened to visitors. Unlike previous fully supported tours of the county operated by Uncle Sam, this one will set you back over three grand. But no one will be shooting at you.



Why choose between bicycling and yoga when you can do both at the same time? If you’re going to use your bike to steal a cellphone from a car passenger, try to stay upright long enough to get away.

And an Iowa man is under arrest for having sex with a parked van.

Note that it says with, not in.


Morning Links: No motors at TdF, no more butts on the bike path, and no red light cams means more deaths

No major news to report today, so let’s get right to this morning’s linkage.


No signs of motor doping were detected at this year’s Tour de France.

Winner Chris Froome got all the attention, but it was fellow Brit Adam Yates who had the breakout performance in the Tour.

Froome admits his career started with a little fraud and deception. Meanwhile, the new Bahrain bike team becomes a reality; never mind that the new team owner is accused of torture.

Cycling Tips asks what pro cycling can learn from the way the International Olympic Committee handles whistle blowers.

U.S.A. Cycling hopes the Rio Olympics will bring more attention to bike racing in this country.



Santa Monica’s Breeze bikeshare closes in on 30,000 active users.

No more cigarette butts on the bike path in Hermosa Beach.

Cycling in the South Bay reports on a butt-numbing city council session that resulted in new bike-friendly signage in formerly bike-unfriendly Palos Verdes Estates. As well as an attempt by overly entitled homeowners in nearby Rancho Palos Verdes to ban bikes from “their” street in violation of state law.



The Voice of San Diego says it’s time to step up to save the city’s bikeshare system.

A Palm Springs street is getting new bike lanes following a road diet.

Oxnard discusses revitalizing the downtown area, in part by improving bicycle connectivity.

A Ventura judge concludes there’s enough evidence to hold the owner of a towing company over for trial in the hit-and-run death of a 14-year old bike rider.

A cyclist killed in San Luis Obispo County earlier this month was a world-class triathlete.

A Marin County motorist slams cyclists as dangerous law-breaking scofflaws who don’t pay their share and need to be licensed. Where to begin? Riding two abreast is legal in California, fast cyclists don’t belong on shared-use trails, and all of society benefits when people exercise and improve their health. And if he really thinks motorists and cyclists are no longer respectful of one another, maybe he should start by taking a good, long look in the mirror.

A local website offers five hidden mountain bike rides within an hour of Petaluma.



A new study shows traffic fatalities go up when cities turn their red light cameras off, like LA did a few years ago. One more example of the tough choices necessary if LA is serious about Vision Zero; red light cameras may not be popular with drivers, but they improve safety for everyone on the street.

A newlywed couple enjoy an “amazing” bike wedding, as a crazy idea becomes reality. In Portland, of course.

A Nevada state trooper rescues three brothers who took a wrong turn onto a freeway on their way to Walmart, riding their bikes along the center divider in 110 degree heat.

Maybe we need a change in the law, if killing a Colorado bike rider without a valid traffic license only merits a misdemeanor. Killing or injuring someone while driving without a license should automatically increase the offense to a felony.

Not surprisingly, the driver who injured a sleeping rider participating in Iowa’s RAGBRAI ride by running over his tent had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

Former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is one of us, showing up for work at his new job as an ESPN analyst on a tandem with his fellow analyst brother.

Massachusetts riders may get their bikes stolen, but at least the thieves are leaving a substitute.

A new North Carolina law will allow drivers to briefly cross the center line in a no-passing zone to go around a bike ride, as long as they give the cyclist a four-foot passing distance. CA Governor Jerry Brown vetoed a similar measure here, putting riders at needless risk from close passes and angry tailgating drivers.

If you want to ride a bike on Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal, put on a helmet and a reflective vest first. No, seriously.

A bighearted Florida cop digs into his own pocket to buy a six-year old girl a new bicycle after hers was stolen.



A new study says working in an office increases your risk of death up to 60%, and poses more risk than obesity. But the cure is as simple as riding your bike an hour a day.

More than half of all Canadian drivers find bike riders annoying; surprisingly, only 46% of cyclists say the same about motorists.

A cyclist riding across Canada is able to resume his tour when the bighearted people of Regina buy him a new bike after his was stolen on a stop in the city.

Slap, meet wrist. A road raging corporate executive buys his way out of a conviction and walks out of an Irish courtroom a free man, despite knocking a cyclist off his bike and violently choking him.

A new Swedish attachment promises to turn your bicycle into an ebike for under $100.

A group of Iranian women are arrested for the crime of riding a bicycle in public, and forced to sign a statement promising not to do it again.

Cycling is growing in Sydney, Australia, despite the anti-bike efforts of the state government, whose roads minister believes he’s saving lives by discouraging people from riding.



That Muslim-looking bike rider scaring the neighbors may be your son. If you’re carrying an unregistered concealed weapon, don’t ride salmon, already.

And we may have to deal with LA drivers, but at least we don’t have to dodge bush turkeys in the roadway.

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