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Bicyclist murdered in Winnetka early Saturday in apparent random attack

A bike rider was stabbed to death in Winnetka early Saturday morning.

The man, described only as 20 to 30 years old, was riding on Sherman Way near Lurline Ave around 12:30 am when he was dragged off his bike by three attackers. The victim was beaten before one of the attackers pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed him in the chest.

He was rushed to Northridge Hospital Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 1:40 am.

According to My News LA, police suspect the attack could be related to a robbery in the 7600 block of Mason Ave 15 minutes earlier, while KABC-7 says it’s unknown whether it was gang related.

Frighteningly, KTLA-5 suggests it may have been a random attack, quoting a police spokesman as saying the victim had no ties to the first crime, and may have just been in the wrong area at the wrong time.

The suspects were last seen fleeing in a dark, mid-sized SUV. Anyone with information is urged to call the LAPD’s Topanga Detective Division at 818/756-4820.

Whatever the reason, be careful riding in the area since the suspects are still on the loose. And if someone tries to jack your bike, let them have it. No bike is worth your life.

My deepest sympathy and prayers for the victim and his loved ones.

Thanks to danger d for the heads-up.

Cyclist killed yesterday at Canoga and Sherman Way

At yesterday’s Bike Summit, Mayor Villaraigosa began the meeting with bad news, saying that a cyclist had been killed in the San Fernando Valley earlier that morning.

After scouring the news feeds for the past day without finding any mention of a bike collision — let alone a fatality — I reached out to the LAPD’s bike liaison Sgt. David Krumer for whatever information he might have.

According to Krumer, a Hispanic man in his 20s was riding west on Sherman Way at Canoga Blvd. A truck traveling south on Canoga was preparing to make a left turn onto eastbound Sherman Way. The truck driver had the green light and was waiting for some pedestrians to finish crossing the street.

According to several witnesses, the driver pulled forward once the intersection was clear, just as the rider rode through the red light. Unaware he had hit anyone, the driver continued down the street after running over the cyclist, returning to the scene once he was flagged down several blocks later.

Evidently, the death of a single rider in the valley doesn’t merit a mention in the local media, even when the Mayor himself makes the announcement in a room full of reporters.

But take this as a warning. Red lights exist for a reason.

Bikes are required to stop for red lights in every situation, just as drivers are. While it’s never smart to run a light, it’s especially dangerous when other vehicles are present.

The saddest part is, this tragedy was entirely avoidable.

Yes, the driver should have looked to his left, where he may or may not have seen the rider in time to avoid the collision. But evidently, the cyclist gambled with his own life.

And lost.

Thanks to Sgt. Krumer for the information.

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