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Breaking news: cyclist seriously injured in Los Feliz

I received an email this evening from cyclist Patrick Pascal, who came upon the aftermath of what sounds like a serious cycling collision in Los Feliz this evening.

In it, he describes seeing a downed cyclist just after 5 this evening on eastbound Los Feliz Blvd at the intersection of Lowry Road, near Griffith Park Blvd.

He was male, no grey hair, and lying in the middle of the fast lane when I was alerted by the sirens.  He did not appear to be moving and his entire lower body, along with his head and neck, was put into an inflatable cast.  The ambulance just departed.

The police arrived before he was transported. Among other damage, the front wheel of his bike was bent and spokeless.

I’m terribly sorry to report this to you.

Fortunately, there’s nothing on the news yet. The L.A. media usually doesn’t report on cycling collisions unless someone gets killed.

So in this case, no news really may be good news.

On the other hand, Patrick’s description of the scene doesn’t sound good; a near-full body splint suggests the paramedics suspect serious injuries.

I also note that while he describes major damage to the bike, he doesn’t mention a car — which could mean a solo collision, or it could imply a yet another hit-and-run involving a cyclist.

Let’s hope not.

And let’s say a prayer that this one turns out to be less serious than it sounds.

Orange County cyclist on life support following Santiago Canyon collision

Sherri Norton; photo from Cycles Veloce website

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this.

According to the Orange County Register, a female cyclist is now on life support after being struck by a car on Santiago Canyon yesterday afternoon.

I received word of the collision on Thursday shortly after it happened; even then, it didn’t look good. The Register reported that the rider was eastbound in the bike lane on Santiago Canyon near Jamboree Road when she was struck by a Lexus sedan traveling in the same direction at 12:47 pm.

According to the paper, she suddenly made a 90 degree turn directly into the path of the oncoming car and was struck at a speed of around 50 mph, which is the speed limit in that area. She was apparently she turning around to go back to her riding partner who trailed behind. Photos from the scene show her Look frame snapped in two, and the windshield of the Lexus smashed.

She has not yet been publicly identified by authorities; however, the Cycles Veloce website identifies her as Sherri Norton, a member of the club and a frequent participant in local century rides. She was transported to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana in critical condition, while the driver and passenger remained at the scene.

As of this morning, she remained on life support.

While the news is not good, it is not a death sentence; other riders have defied the odds to come back from similar circumstances. However, whatever prayers and good wishes you feel comfortable offering would be appropriate.

As with so many other stories like this, the Register feels the need to note that she was wearing a helmet, even though no bike helmet made that could protect a rider from injuries in a collision at that speed.

Thanks to Lois, Frank Peters and Michael Byerts for links to the story.

Update: Sadly, Sherri Norton died from her injuries on Sunday. Her husband offers his thoughts, and is scheduling a memorial service, and a ride in her memory for this Saturday; donations are requested in lieu of flowers for a pair of charities she supported.

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