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New Santa Monica park, West Fork of the San Gabriel River ride, and good news on Dale Stetina

I can think of worse places to take a break

I can think of worse places to take a break

Congratulations to Santa Monica on the beautiful new Tongva Park, which has quickly become one of my favorite places to stop for a peaceful riding break.

I’m not sure if bike riding is allowed in the park, since Santa Monica bans sidewalk riding. But it’s not prohibited on the park regulations sign.

And there’s secure bike parking near the entrance on Ocean Ave.


I haven’t had a chance to mention this weekend’s ride hosted by the authors of Where to Bike Los Angeles yet.

The ride, co-sponsored by the LACBC and authors Jon Riddle and Sarah Amelar, will take riders on a 40-mile tour of the West Fork of the San Gabriel River this Sunday. It features seven miles of single lane, paved roadway closed to automotive traffic, next to a swiftly flowing stream.

Sounds like paradise to me.

Meet at Veterans Freedom Park in Azusa at 8:30 am, rolling at 9.

Or you could take a far less strenuous ride down historic Hollywood Blvd to the popular Sunday Hollywood farmer’s market.


News broke on Twitter Thursday afternoon that Governor Brown had signed AB 1371, the three-foot passing bill.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t true. We’re still waiting to see if the bill will be a three-time loser at the governor’s hand.


Undocumented immigrants could soon get California drivers licenses if Brown signs the newly passed bill.

Whatever you might think about immigration reform, making licenses available to everyone could dramatically reduce what the LAPD describes as one of the leading causes of hit-and-run, and help ensure the driver who hits you has insurance.


In a dramatic turnaround, Beverly Hills agrees pedestrian and bike safety are important considerations on the soon-to-be reconfigured Santa Monica Blvd. And that cyclists have a key place on the corridor.

Okay, so where is the real Biking Black Hole, and what have they done with it?


Good news from Colorado, as US cycling legend Dale Stetina is awake, off the ventilator, walking and talking after suffering a critical brain stem injury in a solo fall caused by an out-of-control driver two weeks ago.


A boring bike and pedestrian count in Watts. SoCal Cross season starts in DTLA in two weeks. So far, so good for the planned Virgil Ave road diet. KPBS looks at NELA bike shop Coco’s Variety Store. LA hotels embrace the car-free trend; sort of, anyway. Santa Monica approves plans for Bergamot Station, including 15 bike and pedestrian paths. You’re invited to ride around the Santa Monica Airport this Sunday to consider what it could be if it’s not an airport after 2015; I vote for building the region’s only closed-course road bike circuit around the perimeter. Santa Clarita invites artists to design bike racks for the community center.

Santa Maria cyclists get a new bridge bike path. The cost-plagued new Bay Bridge suffers expensive flaws on the bridge’s bike path, as well. Santa Rosa squabbles with homeowners in an exclusive development over access to a bike and pedestrian path. Prosecutors decline to file charges against a Truckee woman who allegedly killed a pedestrian while riding under the influence.

Wheel guards could save cyclists from large trucks, so why aren’t they required in the US? Bicycling Magazine solves your bike commuting dilemmas. The Wall Street Journal looks at office-friendly bike commuting attire; it’s about time women had cycling jeans, too. New bike lights promise to be unstealable and indestructible; on the other hand, Intel wants to light up your clothes. Elly Blue says salmon cycling is a sign something is wrong, and bicycling can make everyone happier. New GPS trackers could find your stolen bike. Greg LeMond is getting back in the bike business at next week’s Interbike in Las Vegas. Seattle’s City Attorney says it’s better not to write tickets at the scene when a vulnerable user is injured. A New Mexico driver is arrested for the hit-and-run death of a cyclist, seven years after he was convicted of vehicular homicide in another case; I’d politely suggest he should never be allowed behind the wheel again. After a Colorado driver hits a bike rider with his truck, he rushes the boy to a doctor — but drives off with his bike. Turns out Lance Armstrong’s lies are protected speech, but his Olympic medal isn’t; protected, that is. Ohio bike lawyer Steve Magas looks at the numbers behind last year’s bike crashes. A Pittsburgh cyclist tells the driver who hit him “I did you a huge favor by not dying.” Nicole Kidman is pressing charges against a NY paparazzo who crashed into her on his bike. Miami musician Carlos Bertonatti gets 12 years for the drunken hit-and-run death of a cyclist.

Women pro cyclists issue a manifesto demanding equal treatment starting with the Tour de France; about damn time if you ask me. Then again, it’s also time to stop making women’s gear so girly. Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s war on bikes needs to end. Mountain bike trials specialist Martyn Ashton suffers life-changing spinal injuries in a failed stunt. A Brit woman leaves a note asking for her bike back after it’s stolen, and gets it back with an apology. An English Premier League player is tracked down by Twitter users after challenging the cyclist he hit to find him despite the foreign license plates on his car. A British fundraiser for Jewish charities gets off for killing a bike riding great-grandmother with her Porsche. Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins nearly quit the 2012 Tour midway after an attack by teammate Chris Froome. A fallen Prague cyclist gets a unique memorial. Maybe things really are changing in Iran, as the country gets its first female triathlete. An Aussie cyclist wants to change his guilty plea for killing a 71-year old woman with a push during a road rage dispute. Chinese horse trainers do their best work by bike.

Finally, keep cool on those hot rides with your own handlebar mounted mister. A Florida man takes a pickaxe to his newly purchased bike because he doesn’t like all the Trek logos on it; call me crazy, but weren’t they there when he bought it? And Dear Abby says you really should know better.

Bike rider killed in San Bernardino; San Diego cyclist critically injured, as is racing legend Dale Stetina

They say bad things come in three.

That seems to be the case this holiday weekend, with fatal and near fatal collisions here in Southern California, and a cycling legend clinging to life in Colorado.


According to the San Bernardino Sun, 27-year old San Bernardino resident Russell Alvin Burrows was riding south on the 18700 block of Cajon Boulevard around 8:10 pm Saturday when he was apparently hit from behind by a 2007 Toyota Corolla traveling in the same direction. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The driver of the Toyota has not been publicly identified.

A satellite view shows a four lane roadway, dropping to two lanes, with little or no shoulder, suggesting Burrows was most likely riding in the traffic lane.

Depending on exactly where the collision occurred, it’s also possible that he was right-hooked, as there are a number of driveways and a freeway on- and off-ramp in the area.

No other details are available at this time, and no word on whether he was using lights or reflectors, as it would have been nearing full dark at the time of impact.

This is the 63rd bicycling fatality in Southern California this year, and the ninth in San Bernardino County. That compares to 10 bike-related deaths in the county in all of 2012, and six in 2011.


A 20-year old bike rider suffered life-threatening injuries in another struck-from-behind collision early Sunday morning, this time in San Diego.

The victim was riding south in a traffic lane on the 2500 block of Ingraham Street on Vacation Island in San Diego’s Mission Bay Park at 3:30 am when she was hit by a sedan. The driver reportedly swerved into the left lane when he saw her, but wasn’t able to avoid hitting her bike.

She was transported to a hospital with what a police spokesperson described as “major, life-threatening injuries.”

A street view shows the two lane roadway increasing to three lanes with no shoulders. The right lane appears to be of substandard width, suggesting that she was legally within her rights to take the lane — as well as following the advice of most bike safety advocates to avoid riding near the curb if the lane is too narrow for a bike and car to safely share.

Again, no word on whether she was using lights or reflectors as required by law.

However, police and the press are usually quick to say if a victim didn’t have lights after dark.


Word broke Saturday night that an American cycling legend had suffered life-threatening injuries in a fall caused by an out-of-control driver in Boulder, Colorado’s Lefthand Canyon.

In the 1970s and early ’80s, Dale Stetina and his brother Wayne dominated American bike racing, with Wayne winning the Red Zinger/Coors Classic — then the country’s leading bike race — in 1977, and Dale winning in ’79 and ’83.

The two riders were both inducted into the US Bicycling Hall of Fame for their dominance of the sport in this country, and their role in paving the way for the first generation of American international riders that followed — riders with better known names like Andy Hampsten, Davis Phinney, Olympic gold medalist Alexi Grewal and the country’s only current Tour de France winner, Greg Lemond.

It was also long rumored that the two brothers were the inspiration for the cycling cult classic American Flyers.

So it was devastating news that 57-year old Dale Stetina was critically injured when a driver pulled onto the shoulder on the wrong side of the popular riding route, then swerved back to the other side just as a group of riders came around bend in the road.

All of the cyclists were able to avoid colliding with the car; however, Stetina reportedly went over his handlebars, landing face first on the pavement.

Despite wearing a helmet, he suffered major face and eye injuries, as well as loss of responsiveness; a CAT Scan revealed additional injuries to his brain stem. According to the Boulder Daily Camera, he remains in a medically induced coma in critical condition.

He is also the father of rising Garmin-Sharp rider Peter Stetina.

And he’s long been a personal hero and inspiration to me, dating back to when I first started riding seriously in the 1980s.


My prayers and deepest sympathy for Russell Alvin Burrows and all his family and loved ones.

And I hope you’ll join me in offering prayers and best wishes for Dale Stetina and the publicly unidentified victim in San Diego; may they both recover quickly and completely. 

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